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Children’s High Sleepers

High sleepers are known as such because of their elevated level off the floor. The higher frame means that additional space is created underneath, which can be filled with an array of different design features. Desks, cupboards, drawers and bookcases are commonly incorporated which, along with the taller mattress level, make High Sleepers more appealing for children to lie on. Ladders are used for access.

As children get older the additional space created for clothes, toys and bedding can be a godsend for parents, especially in smaller homes. As they start school, a desk along with bookshelves and drawers can provide the perfect workstation to position a PC and complete homework from.

The Thuka Trendy 30 is one of these types of beds, manufactured with a long desk and ladder for access to the sleeping area. The Stompa Casa 3 High Sleeper comes equipped with a pull out sofa bed and study area, including shelves and storage space. You can be guaranteed that these High Sleeper beds will be sturdily built as to support the weight of a growing child.

A Look at High Sleepers
High Sleepers will entice children into bed more than divan beds, without losing any of the comfort associated with these more standard models. Their design will actually create space in the area of its own dimensions, meaning your storage capacity is increased.

With numerous designs available, and different features incorporated underneath, a High Sleeper can turn out to be the perfect bed purchase. With a quick delivery service, your child's bedroom can be transformed in a short period of time.