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Fantastic Loft Beds To Sleep In

There is now an excellent choice of Loft Beds available. These are raised beds with sufficient space underneath for kids to store their treasures. A desk, sofa or wardrobe can be placed in this space to create a compact unit and consequently make more room for play. The KBD Daniel 3 Sleeper Loft Bed has been designed to sleep three people, one on the top and a double mattress on the lower level. Its metal frame gives it a chic, cool look and will look great in any home.

Loft Beds Also Known As High-Sleepers

If you’ve got older children or teenagers then Loft Beds also known as high-sleepers are a great alternative when space is minimal. They can obviously be used in a small bedroom or as the name suggests, in the loft. Other designs are available too such as the Kaliko High Bed, the Hyder Studio Sleeper or the Gami Skipper Mezzanine. They are all comfortable and stylish making great bedroom furniture. Once you’ve bought one, why not tell your friends about them. If you have any queries or questions please contact a member of staff.