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Thuka Trendy 29 High Sleeper Bed

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Thuka Trendy 29 High Sleeper Bed

A fun and great looking bed from, this Trendy 29 High Sleeper Bed is the perfect addition to any child’s room. With a sofa bed underneath, you can have the perfect place to lounge around and when needed it can be used as a sleep over bed! Also included in this amazing bed is desk for you child do do his work from and shelving above the desk to store the books keeping the bedroom nice and tidy!

Shown here in the photo of the Thuka Trendy 29 is the optional clip on table (shown at the end of the bed) which can be used for your child's book, alarm clock, drink or any other practical purpose.  Also anther great option available on Thuka Beds is the safety pack which includes the side rails (shown on the ladder) which help your child get up and down from the top bed. Especially useful for those little ones just getting the hang of a big bed! This safety pack also includes matching glow in the dark treads for the ladder and half balls which go on the top corners of the bed.

Thuka Trendy 29 Is Practical With Great Looks!

With so many great features of the Thuka Trendy 29 high sleeper Bed all thats needed now is to choose the colours to best match your child's bedroom! Choose between the Scandinavian natural pine or white washed pine for the main bed frame colour and then which accents you want from a number of options available. . (This bed is shown with pink accents in between the pine on the top layers) You will find the  full list of options available from the drop down menus below.

The Thuka High Sleeper includes:

  • Single Bed Frame
  • High Sleeper Conversion Kit
  • Corner Fixed Desk
  • Sofa Bed / Chair
  • Shelves shown on desk