Tarragona Highsleeper White C


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Designed and distributed by Kids Avenue the new Trarragona C bed comes from the Transman Range, it’s proving a popular buy for the older child bed market.

The bed package will look great in any bedroom finished in a white and wood-grain effect to ensure longevity with the style, however you choose to decorate your bedroom.

The package includes a wardrobe, with a hanging rail and top of bottom shelving makes a place for footwear.

A long, wide desk creates a place for study and play, and numerous build in shelving makes plenty of space for displaying treasured possessions.

This package also comes with a 3 drawer chest.

The bedframe requires a mattress that measures Length 200cm x Width 90cm and Depth 16cm.

If you want the who experience to be a breeze add on a manufacturers building package and they will deliver and assemble your purchase on the same day.


Ext. Length (cm) 265

Ext. Height (cm) 178

Ext. Width (cm) 110

Additional Information

Width: width includes ladder