Tutti Bambini Baby Range Make a statement in your nursery with Tutti Bambini’s stylish and sleek furniture. As a brand that knows first-hand what it is like to have your world turned upside down when your little bundle of joy arrives. View Tutti Bambini Products The brand Noah & Eli Noah & Eli beds are one of the UK’s leading children’s bed manufacturers and have a wide range of designs and solutions to work for almost any bedroom. View Noah & Eli Kids Beds The brand Kids Avenue Having produced kids’ beds for over 15 years now, Kids Avenue brings a generous helping of fun and the perfect magic formula to create the ultimate kids beds. Kids Avenue are constantly reinventing kids beds. View Kids Avenue Brand The brand Flexa Modern and oh-so functional Flexa furniture has been part of kids’ bedrooms since 1972. With sleek and practical furniture at the heart of everything they produce. View Flexa Brand The brand Parisot Founded in 1936, Parisot have grown to become an industry leader of producing children’s bed, ensuring each bed is designed to include fun alongside functional kids beds. View Parisot Brand The brand Thuka Thuka are renowned for producing stylish bedroom furniture for any age child and pride themselves on providing simple solutions for every bedroom. View Thuka Brand The brand Trasman Kids Trasman’s offer unique designs and over 30 years experience in making quality products. All Trasman children’s products are finished in melamine making them extremely hard wearing. View Trasman Kids Brand


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Easy steps to transform your box room

Box rooms stereotypically have a lot of negative connotations of being small, chaotic and unimaginative, but actually, a box room is filled with opportunity. A box room simply required a little bit of planning and scoping out but can often be transformed into one of the most usable spaces in your home.  Make use of every little nook and hiding hole and you will see your unloved box room transform into the most harmonious space in your home. Honestly, you’ll be amazed at what you can do with a little TLC.    Home office  A home office is becoming more and more of an essential during recent times. A place where you can shut the door on your work-life at 5 pm and enjoy time with family around the dinner table instead of moving your laptop to one side. A box room can be easily transformed into a home office with a few littleadaptations. Plus, if you are anxious about losing out on that vital sleep space when your family is visiting, you could think about investing in a high sleeper so you can Grandkids can still sleepover in the room or a fold-out desk that is attached to the wall.  There are so...
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Trasman: The easy way to transform your kids bedroom

Trasman has been designing functional, modern and space-saving bedroom furniture for over 30 years. So, you can rest assured that when you invest in a Trasman bed or bedroom furniture for your child that you are investing in high-quality durable solutions manufactured to the highest of standards. Each Trasman bed is designed and manufactured by a specialist team in Barcelona and makes use of German technology and innovative engineering concepts for precisely constructed, rigid furniture that's built to last. There’s everything you could need in a bed all in one place!   Their wide range of bedroom furniture includes bunk beds, mid sleepers, high sleepers, cabin beds and day beds with a wide range of matching bedroom furniture too if you want to create a sleek and stylish look in your kid's bedroom. Their design team considers everything you might need in a kids bedroom, from practical space-saving designs that maximise the space already there to a workspace, for essential homeschooling, their team thinks of everything.  The Trasman team designs everything in stylish and versatile colours that can adapt to almost all bedroom themes and designs, so we know you’ll find the perfect solution for your little one's bedroom.    Trasman high sleepers Trasman high...
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Affordable ways to entertain the kids during the school holidays

With school holidays just around the corner, it's time to take a break from homeschooling and spend some quality time with your kids. You might have been together 24/7 for what seems like an eternity but we have some affordable ways to entertain the kids during the school holidays. Plus, as it looks as though we will be in lockdown a little longer than Boris planned, all of our ideas are affordable and can be done without venturing far from home.  Indoor camping  You may be running out of ideas to entertain the kids, potentially funds too if you’ve been furloughed and we all know that theBritish weather cannot be relied upon, so have you thought about indoor camping? You could go the whole hog and set up a simple bed sheet in the shape of a tent across your living room and get the kids to bring down their bedding or you could set up a sleepover in one of their rooms with pullout beds to reduce the mess.  Let them eat their tea outside the tent, enjoy hot chocolate and marshmallows in the evening, sing campfire songs as a family and even share spooky ghost stories as the evening rolls...
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How to keep your bedtime routine whilst homeschooling

Make sure the alarm is set As much as a lie-in is tempting, sticking to a daily routine will help to get your kids to sleep on an evening. Get up at a reasonable time just like you would on a normal school day, make sure your kids have their breakfast, brush their teeth and get out of their favourite pyjamas before the day continues. This is really important if your kids are lucky enough to have a high sleeper bed with a desk underneath to stop them from sneaking back to bed when you aren’t looking. A homeschooling mid-day nap is a big no-no for an effective bedtime routine.    It might not seem like a lot, but creating a structure to their day is really important and helps them drift off a lot easier on an evening.    Plan in quiet time  Make sure you give them time to enjoy playing on their own or watching a film in peace. Half an hour of peace and quiet as a parent is bliss, but a bit of quiet time especially before bed is really beneficial for your kids too. Make sure they have a place they can go to relax and enjoy spending time on...
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