Tutti Bambini Baby Range Make a statement in your nursery with Tutti Bambini’s stylish and sleek furniture. As a brand that knows first-hand what it is like to have your world turned upside down when your little bundle of joy arrives. View Tutti Bambini Products The brand Noah & Eli Noah & Eli beds are one of the UK’s leading children’s bed manufacturers and have a wide range of designs and solutions to work for almost any bedroom. View Noah & Eli Kids Beds gaming 5 aThe brand Kids Avenue Having produced kids’ beds for over 15 years now, Kids Avenue brings a generous helping of fun and the perfect magic formula to create the ultimate kids beds. Kids Avenue are constantly reinventing kids beds. View Kids Avenue Brand The brand Flexa Modern and oh-so functional Flexa furniture has been part of kids’ bedrooms since 1972. With sleek and practical furniture at the heart of everything they produce. View Flexa Brand The brand Parisot Founded in 1936, Parisot have grown to become an industry leader of producing children’s bed, ensuring each bed is designed to include fun alongside functional kids beds. View Parisot Brand The brand Thuka Thuka are renowned for producing stylish bedroom furniture for any age child and pride themselves on providing simple solutions for every bedroom. View Thuka Brand The brand Trasman Kids Trasman’s offer unique designs and over 30 years experience in making quality products. All Trasman children’s products are finished in melamine making them extremely hard wearing. View Trasman Kids Brand


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High sleeper: everything you need to know Read More

High sleeper: everything you need to know

At Kids Beds Online we have a brilliant range of high sleeper beds that are perfect for children through to teenagers. With sleek designs that can adapt as your child grows and practical solutions that can be used for a wide range of hobbies and interests. With modern desk spaces for homework, crafts and space for computing, the beds are versatile to suit a child with a wide range of interests. You can be sure that a high sleeper provides the ideal solution for any child’s bedroom. What makes high sleepers different to other beds you might wonder?    What is a high sleeper? A high sleeper, as the name suggests is an elevated bed with a lot of space underneath due to the height the bed is from the ground. The bed is situated at the top of the ladder so it is important to consider if your child will be able to safely negotiated the ladder both up and down, however most children love the idea of sleeping in a high sleeper and can safely negotiate the ladder with ease.  With so much space underneath high beds are often designed with desks, wardrobes, sofa and pullout beds. There’s a lot of...
How-to guide: the ultimate girly bedroom
How-to guide: the ultimate girly bedroom Read More

How-to guide: the ultimate girly bedroom

Knowing how to create your little ones ultimate girly bedroom can often be incredibly difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. With their ever-changing interests and trends coming and going quicker than you can realise, it can be hard to know the right and wrong decisions to make. At Kids Beds Online we’ve pulled together our ultimate girly bedroom ideas that we’ve heard time and time again.    It’s all in the planning It is important to create a bedroom that your daughter loves rather than just follow a trend. Have a look online together at ideas and see what she likes and doesn’t like, that way you know you are investing in decor that she will enjoy rather than just following a trend. Let her share her ideas with you and work together to find the perfect solution that is fun and works with the space and your budget.  Go wild with colour Go all out with paint and allow your kids to make their own mark but invest in sleek and neutral bedroom furniture to create the perfect balance. Investing in high-quality key items will last for a long time and match all decors effortlessly no matter how many times...
Back to school routine prep
Back to school routine prep tips! Read More

Back to school routine prep tips!

With 6 weeks off school and no consistent school routine for over 18 months, the return to school from the summer holidays may be harder than previous years. We’ve put together some tried and tested ideas to help you get out the door on time and be as organised as possible to help you get into a good back to school routine.    Set out for the next morning This might not be the first thing you think of to get everyone out of the door on time, but setting out school uniforms, school bags and the breakfast table the night before saves so much time. There’s no arguing about what they are wearing, who is sitting where and what they need to take with them if everything is prepared.  Use the last couple of weeks before they return to school to start practising a routine so when they do go back to school it won’t be a brand new idea to them.  Take 5 minutes before you go to bed to set out their clothes (including socks and underwear) and set the breakfast table. Layout the cereal boxes, put bowls on everyone’s placemat and even put the teabag in your favourite mug to...
stompa classic kids white starter bed with mattress 26 p
What is a starter bed? Read More

What is a starter bed?

As kids continue to grow from baby to toddler to teenager, as a parent you need to ensure that your child has the perfect bed to suit them. As all children grow and develop at different rates there is no set age of when they should and shouldn’t move from a cot to a bed, but when you do feel that they are able to move from a cot safely there are a few options available.  At approximately 3 years old most children move from a cot into a traditional single bed to improve their comfort and to ensure they suitably fit their bed. Whether it’s a toddler bed or a full-sized single mattress, pick a bed they’ll love getting into each night is really important. The younger members of the family will adore their own smaller bed as they transition from cot to their brand new ‘big’ bed.   What is a starter bed? A starter bed comfortably and safely accommodate kids and toddlers alike and bring plenty of style to any children’s bedroom. For younger children, specifically toddlers, a single bed can be overwhelming and feel too big so a toddler bed or starter bed may be less challenging for them...
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With nearly 20 years experience helping parents find the perfect bed for their children, we know that the dream bed is out there for every child. Whether you’re looking for a space saving high sleeper, your toddlers first big bed or the ultimate mid sleeper, we have the bed for your child. 

We believe that every child deserves a great night’s sleep, allowing them to wake up ready and raring to go the next morning. Since 2003 we have been able to provide families with a wide range of practical solutions for creating functional, yet fabulous bedrooms for their children.

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Established in 2003, KidsBedsOnline was created to only sell quality children’s bedroom ranges from well known and established manufacturers. The ranges we offer provide children with stylish, contemporary designs and adults with functional and durable products that change bedroom spaces into areas where kids want to spend time relaxing, socialising and studying.

Our products are delivered straight from the manufactures to your door in a timely fashion but by cutting out external delivery companies you keep the goods in caring hands and reduce the handling of the items to ensure that your delivery will arrive in good condition and with a pre-scheduled convenient delivery date.

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