Choose Noah & Eli for safe, practical and space saving kids’ beds. Noah & Eli’s range of mid sleeper beds are packed with features and innovative designs that kids love, plus they are available in an array of styles and colours so you’ll find the perfect bed for your child to rest their head. 

The exciting variety of combinations provide ample space to study, draw, read, store books, hang out with friends and much more.Just choose from the exciting collection of Noah & Eli Midsleeper beds and pick a combination option that works for your bedroom. Cabin beds and mid sleepers are incredibly versatile beds for any child, with plenty of clever storage solutions, versatile designs and creative play ideas, Nosh & Eli mid sleepers provide kids bedrooms with the perfect mix of everything you could wish for.

A Noah & Eli mid sleeper is more than just a bed! 

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Eli A Midsleeper bed


Eli B Midsleeper bed


Eli C 2 Cabin Bed


Eli F Midsleeper Bed


Eli D Cabin Bed


Eli D Midsleeper Bed


Eli G Kids Cabin Bed


Eli G 1 Kids Cabin Bed


Eli E Cabin Bed