Parisot’s kids’ beds range is practical, innovative, and stylish, designed to adapt to any child’s needs. Choose from durable mid-sleeper beds, high sleepers, single beds and Parisot bunk beds in a full spectrum of colours, layouts and designs, and enjoy the distinctive touch of French design in your child’s bedroom.

As an industry-leading French furniture manufacturer since 1936, Parisot excels in creating the perfect bed for every child and offering practical choices for parents. These high-quality beds are stylish and functional, ideal for transforming your child’s bedroom into a place they want to sleep and play.

Explore our wide range of Parisot beds and find the perfect fit for your child’s room. Whether you need a midsleeper with extra storage, a highsleeper with a desk below, or bunk beds for siblings or sleepovers, Parisot offers options to suit all décors and preferences.

Shop today and unlock 80 years of expertise with every Parisot bed.

Original price was: £179.99.Current price is: £125.99.
Original price was: £259.99.Current price is: £181.99.
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