2020 bed round up of the year

2020 has been quite the year and definitely not the year most of us expected. From homeschooling and juggling working from home life to trying to continue with normal life as much as possible, it’s definitely been an unusual year. However, one great outcome was that we all had the opportunity to complete those pesky DIY tasks. With little else to do, as a nation, we took out the paint brushes, transformed the garden and built the flatpack furniture to transform our homes. 


On a lighter note, we thought we’d finish with a 2020 round up of the year with all of your favourite beds. We’ve pulled together the beds you and your kids love for so many different reasons and inspire those looking for the perfect place for their little ones to drift off in 2021. 


The race car of dreams 

Startup your engines and get ready to speed off to the land of nod! The striking scorpion racer bed is the bed of dreams for most l

2020 bed round up of the year

ittle race car lovers and in 2020 this was no exception. Bringing a huge amount of excitement and imagination to bedtime every night, we’ve been told by parents over and over how much their kids love getting into bed each night. 


You don’t have to be 17 years old to drive this beauty with realistic features, this bed will provide hours of fun and 

a place of security for the nights sleep ahead, your little one will be racing to get to bed.


Sleek high sleepers 

One of our most popular beds is the Thuka Hit 8 High Sleeper bed as it provides kids with absolutely everything they could dream of. With a high sleeper bed, desk, sofa, pullout bed and practical storage solutions, you’d struggle to find something more functional yet inspiring. 


From 5-15, high sleepers are the ultimate kid’s beds and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. With everything you could need in our practical space, you’d be missing out on so much if you didn’t consider a high sleeper for your kids bedroom. 


The all round Mid sleeper

To maximise the space in any child’s bedroom then you may want to consider investing in a mid sleeper to maximise floor space and available

2020 bed round up of the year

storage. Mid sleepers incorporate essential storage and furniture to reduce the need for additional items in your kid’s bedrooms. These clever mid sleeper solutions can optimise how your kids use their room and incorporate more functional space whatever that need may be.


It is important to create a bedroom that your sons, daughters and grandchildren love rather than just follow trends. Plan out a space your kids will enjoy spending time in and find useful for years to come. In 2021 you could create the perfect bedroom for your kids no matter what their interests, hobbies and passions.

2020 has been quite the year, so here’s to plenty of love, enjoyment and celebrations that we can all enjoy together and plenty of peaceful night’s sleep. 

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