Boys bedroom hacks

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From toddlers to teens, knowing how to style a boys bedroom can be difficult. Do you redecorate after each phase they go through? Do you try to incorporate their hobbies and interests? We might just have the perfect design hacks for you at hand. 


Bedrooms don’t have to be boring. There are lots of different things you can do to make your kid’s bedroom fun, exciting and become a place they enjoy spending time in. Plus, if you create a bedroom that they want to spend time in, you’re more likely to get them into bed on time each night. It’s a win win for you! We’ve put together our tops boys bedroom hacks to make redecorating as simple as possible. 



Keep it neutral

If you choose a neutral wall colour and bedroom furniture and use accessories to bring in your boys interests and hobbies. Use duvets and soft furnishings to bring in colours which can change as and when your son’s interests do. A neutral base such as a bed is the easiest way to keep things simple and means that you don’t have to change key bedroom features as and when your son’s tastes change. 




Incorporate their hobbies 

Whatever their hobby, favourite sport, favourite animal, or interest, you can incorporate them into the room decor. You don’t have to make it the centre of the bedroom, but incorporating the things they enjoy helps to make the room increasingly personal and show flare. After all, you want them to know and understand that it is their room and a space they can relax in. 


Make a simple statement 

The benefits of Julian Bowen bedsMake a statement in your little boy’s bedroom with a feature bed. From a race car to double-decker bus, add a feature bed into any boys bedroom and your son will absolutely love it. They can play at home and capture the imagination of children from the offset such as their racecar, London bus or campervan bed


Every bed stocked at Kids Beds Online is built to meet a specific purpose and aspect of functionality. If your kids love their bed they are a lot more likely to want to get into bed on time and get a great night’s sleep. 


Make it age-appropriate 

One of the big ideas to consider when designed a boys bedroom is to consider their age, so you can get a perfectly designed bed for kids from toddler to teenage. We have a range of sleek daybeds that are perfect for a teenage bedroom. As a hybrid between a sofa and a bed, they provide plenty of space if your teen has their friends around whilst also ensuring a place for a comfortable and restorative night’s sleep. 

We also have an extensive range of bunk beds and cabin beds that provide plenty of storage and functional sleep space for younger kids when a traditional single bed just isn’t a suitable option for their bedroom. 


At Kids Beds Online we absolutely love all of our beds and find them to be the perfect fit for any kids bedroom. The benefits of the perfect kid’s bed are endless and we know your kids will love them too! 

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