Brand spotlight: Flintshire Furniture

Brand spotlight: Flintshire Furniture

Flintshire Furniture is all about finding practical solutions for any kids bedroom. As a brand they understand that parents want kids furniture that lasts for as long as it’s needed, that’s why you will find built-in storage solutions such as kid-friendly wardrobes, drawers and shelving incorporated into every design. Bedtime has never been so much fun with their exciting bed combinations to create the perfect bed for every child.

A Flintshire Furniture bed is more than just a bed. Every bed they create comes fully equipped with space-saving benefits and a fun design that kids are sure to love. All Flintshire Furniture’s beds are crafted from solid oak and other sustainably sourced hardwoods which offer quality and durability that you can rely on year after year. The high-quality materials and extensive time and care that go into the manufacture of every Flintshire Furniture product are evident from the first moment you see them. At Kids Beds Online we are proud to be a valued stockist of all of the latest Flintshire kids beds and you are sure to find the perfect bed for your little one here.


Brand spotlight: Flintshire Furniture

Flintshire Furniture high sleepers

Flintshire Furniture high sleepers are some of the most versatile and sleek beds on the market for kids. Designed to maximise space and include as many useful features as possible, their range of high sleepers are second to none. With desks, wardrobes, shelves and practical storage solutions are included in each of their high sleeper ranges, you can guarantee that you will be able to tick off every requirement on your list with a Flintshire Furniture high sleeper bed.  



Flintshire Furniture mid sleepers

Pull out desk, check. Storage space, check. Shelving, check. Kids bed, check. With a Flintshire Furniture mid sleeper, you get everything that your little one could ever use or need. The sleek spaces can be transformed, adapted and put away when not in use to ensure their bedroom is used to its full potential. 

The sleep design of the Flintshire Furniture mid sleepers also ensures that it is versatile enough to grow with your child and adapt when required. You know that a mid sleeper bed will be a solid investment in your kids future and works well for any bedroom.


Brand spotlight: Flintshire Furniture

Their wide range of bedroom furniture includes single beds, mid sleepers, high sleepers, cabin beds and guest beds with a wide range of matching bedroom furniture too if you want to create a sleek and stylish look in your kid’s bedroom. Their in house design team considers everything you might need in a kids bedroom, from practical space-saving designs that maximise the space already there to a workspace, for essential homeschooling, their team thinks of everything.

The Flintshire Furniture team designs everything in stylish and versatile colours that can adapt to almost all bedroom themes and designs, so we know you’ll find the perfect solution for your little one’s bedroom.

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