Christmas sleepover ideas that don’t include bunk beds

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Sleepovers and family get-togethers can often be noisy, bubbly and potentially full of hyper kids if you’ve treated them to a bag of sweets or two. So, it is important that you can keep the kids in their bedroom with the perfect sleepover set up so you can still enjoy your evening with family and friends celebrating together.  We’ve got a range of sleepover ready bedroom pieces that will enable cousins or friends to a sleepover in style.


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High sleepers & Mid sleepers Sleepovers

As high sleepers and mid sleepers provide both a sleep space and vital storage solutions they take up a lot less space so theirbedroom will offer a more flexible solution and often provide that essential spare bed too! These types of beds often come with a solution to fold down or pull out a second mattress to allow guests to stay over in comfort and style.

Plus, mid Sleepers and high sleepers provide a lot more space for your little ones to have adventures with their toys and games on the floor all night, which is essential if you don’t have enough space in your living areas for numerous children to play.



What about a daybed?

You might have considered a mid sleeper or high sleeper as one of your first solutions for when people come to stay, but The day bed might just be the ultimate in practical sleep solutions. The versatile seating area can easily be changed into a single bed in a matter of seconds, but if you’re looking for more space, you can effortlessly turn the bed into a double by pulling out the second mattress underneath.


Daybeds make having guests stay as simple as can be and ensure that you are maximising usable space, by providing a plush seating area when the bed isn’t needed. It’s simply genius and often a great solution if your child is older and doesn’t want to be sleeping on a bunk bed or high sleeper with all the space underneath. Plus, if your teen moved out in a few years, a day bed is a great seating solution for any spare bedroom, you wouldn’t even realise there was a bed under there!


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Give your kids the ultimate sleepover bed this Christmas. Whether it’s a high sleeper with a sofa that transforms into a bed, bunk bed with a pull out third bed or a daybed with extra space, you can give your kids the ultimate sleepover space that they can enjoy with friends, siblings and cousins for years to come.

At kids Beds Online all of our pull out beds are able to neatly store away meaning that they won’t take up any extra space when you don’t have people over to stay.

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