Get ready for the clocks going forwards


It’s almost time for the clocks to change, the nights become lighter and days become longer, and most parents know that the change in clocks can often play havoc in a bedtime routine and getting kids to sleep on time. Kids have no ideas if they’re coming or going as the routine they were used to has gone.

How to keep a bedtime routine when the clocks change

Keep to your routine

Don’t change anything just because the clocks have changed. It is important to stick to the routine you already have like clockwork. Homework, tea, bath, story time and lights out all need to continue at the same time.

Not only will this give you a bit of time on an evening but it will also ensure your little ones get the amount of sleep that they need before another busy day ahead.


Get beds they love

If your child loves their bed and the idea of bedtime then they are a lot more likely to get into bed each night and drift off. Whether it is a mid sleeper, in the style of a race car or princess bed or a bunk bed to share with siblings, knowing your kids want to go to bed is often half the battle.

Talk to them and find out what they’d love in their bedroom, it might be as simple as minion themed bedding or an exciting shadow lamp.


How to keep a bedtime routine when the clocks change

Have quiet time 

Whether it’s 15 minutes or an hour, give your children some quiet time before getting into bed. This means no TV or electrical devices, rather they can spend time in their bedroom reading, playing or taking some time out. It’s important that they let their brain wind down and understand that they will be getting into bed soon. It might even be worth making sure they’re in bed when winding down to get them used to the idea of bed or having a comfy chair to lounge in.

This doesn’t mean you say night without a bedtime story, it just helps them calm down after a busy day of school or nursery.


Clear boundaries

Having consistent and clear boundaries during your bedtime routine is essential when the clocks change. Lack of setting limits at bedtime can lead to delayed bedtimes and bedtime battles, especially when it is a lot lighter on an evening than it was a few days ago. When you say 2 stories in bed you need to mean 2 stories in bed.

Once your kids get used to the idea it will just become second nature and bedtimes will get easier.


Getting your kids to keep a bedtime routine can often be a difficult task especially if they are filled with energy after an exciting day. What works for one family might not work for another, but we know that it is important to share ideas so hopefully, some of these top tips work for your family.

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