How do you make a kids bedroom fun?

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Bedrooms don’t have to be boring. There are lots of different things you can do to make your kids bedroom fun, exciting and become a place they enjoy spending time in. Plus, if you create a bedroom that they want to spend time in, you’re more likely to get them into bed on time each night. It’s a win win for you!

Knowing where to start is often the hard part so we’ve put together 4 of our top ideas we know help to make your children’s bedroom fun and exciting. 

Get them a bed they love

Pick a bed they enjoy spending time in can often be half the battle with getting them into bed at nighttime. Whether it’s an exciting midsleeper which they love the idea of sleeping at a height or a themed bed such as a racecar or princess playhouse that meets their interests, there is a bed out there for everyone. 

Use colour

Make use of colour to make their room exciting. You can keep to plain and neutral furniture and make use of colour through your accessories. This way you can change the decor whenever your child grows out of the current theme without having to spend money on new furniture. 

You can even add their favourite colour to the walls as if and when their pallets change, paint can always be covered up easily. 

Let them get involved

Let your kids get involved in the process of selecting new items as this really helps them feel a sense of pride and ownership in their bedroom. A few new or revamped items in their bedroom can make a huge difference.

Pick out some options you like and let them have the final say on which item they pick for their bedroom. If they’ve chosen their bedroom furniture or decor they’re more likely to want to spend time there. 

Give them plenty of space

Whether you kids share a bedroom or have a lot of toys in their bedroom, it may be worth investing in a highsleeper or midsleeper . As high sleepers and mid sleepers provide both a sleep space and vital storage solutions they take up a lot less space so their bedroom will seem more spacious and offer a more flexible solution. 

Mid Sleepers and high sleepers provide a lot more space for your little ones to have adventures with their toys on the floor, which is essential if you don’t have enough space in your living areas for all of the toys. 

There are a lot of bed designs and variations available to help you create a kids bedroom that is both fun in the day time and also the perfect setup to ensure they get plenty of shut eye on a night. 

If you’ve got any ways you’ve transformed your kids bedrooms into a new and exciting place for them then we’d love to hear your ideas! Let us know by tagging us in your post on social media. 

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