How to keep the kids entertained this Christmas

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When school breaks up for the festive holidays it can be hard to know how to keep your kids entertained without making them too excited for Christmas. School holidays are never easy, especially when Christmas is just around the corner. 

How are you meant to entertain restless little ones without causing burnout for yourself?How are you meant to get ready for christmas whilst still keeping them entertained? How do you still keep the magic of Christmas going strong?  Don’t stress – we’ve put together three brilliant ideas that are super easy to organise and promise to keep children entertained in the school holidays. Who knows, you might even have fun yourself and get your chores done! 

Get baking

A perfect rainy day activity that the kids always love. You can also tick off items on your neverending to-do list with this one too as you can make some tasty treats that can be enjoyed over the Christmas period or given as a gift to friends and family. 

Whether it’s Rudolph biscuits, Christmas tree tasty bites or snowy chocolate teacakes, there’s bound to be a festive baking activity that you can do with your children. There are loads of simple and tasty recipes online, or you could even buy a baking kit from the supermarket to make things a little easier. Plus, if you tell them that Santa’s elves are watching they might even do the washing up! 


How to keep the kids entertained this Christmas

Depending on Coronavirus rules and your local area, a festive sleepover will keep the kids entertained for ages. Pull out the spare bed, roll down the futon on the high sleeper and even make an emergency sleeping area and invite their cousins round to stay. 

With plenty of Christmas films, sweet treats and maybe even their freshly baked goodies, the kids will be entertained all day and all night. This is the perfect activity between Christmas and New Year. Plus, the adults might even be able to enjoy a festive wine and cheese night in the living room once the kids are asleep! 

Enjoy a festive walk

How to keep the kids entertained this Christmas

Take a walk around the local neighbourhood to see the stunning decorations or head into the countryside to blow off the winter cobwebs. You could write a tick list of everything the kids need to spot on the way or make a scavenger hunt for Christmas goodies to make things a little bit more exciting. 

Whatever you plan to do, a walk in the brisk winter air will help them fall asleep in no time when their head hits the pillow that night. The perfect reason to get outside some might say! 

There’s so much you can do to keep the kids entertained this Christmas, you can get them involved in all the jobs you need to do before Christmas or plan something extra festive to get them ready for Christmas day. Whatever you do, we hope you have a lovely Christmas holidays!

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