How to move my child from a cot to a first bed?

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As kids grow up so fast it can be hard to know when you should move your toddler from their cot to a grown up first bed. Moving from a cot to a bed is a huge milestone for both you as a parent and the child. They will feel pride in their achievement and it will help them to gain a little more independence. 

Knowing when to make the step up to a first bed is not always straightforward but you’ll begin to recognise the signs your child is making to consider moving up to their first bed. 

It is important to remember that every child is different. What works for one child won’t for another so don’t compare one child with a sibling or friend. 

We’ve put together the questions we hear the most from parents and hopefully we can answer a few of your questions. 

Are they safe?

How to move my child from a cot to a first bed?

It is important that when your child is in their cot they are safe and secure. Often when kids outgrow their cot they are able to climb in and out by themselves which is incredibly dangerous. This is often the main reason parents move up to a first bed as they want to keep their child as safe as possible. 

Beds are often a safer option once your child can climb as they are lower to the ground than climbing over a cot side and you can often buy beds with inbuilt sides to prevent them from rolling out or even removable sides where necessary. 

What’s the best bed to choose? 

Typically a first bed for a child is advised to be a single bed or a toddler bed. This is simply down to a safety aspect as using ladders to access a bunk bed or mid sleeper is dangerous for a young child. If you child were in a position to fall from their bed, being lower to the ground is often safer. 

There are a wide range of toddler beds and single beds available that your kids will absolutely love. It is always better to choose a bed that keeps your child safe rather than something that isn’t functional. Once they get older and can safely use a mid or a high sleeper then you might be able to invest in a new bed for them. 

How do I help them adjust?

How to move my child from a cot to a first bed?

It is important to help them understand that moving to a bed is a big step and it is also exciting. It is important to be really positive about the change and encourage them that their new bed is a great place to spend time in and go to sleep. 

At first the novelty of getting in and out of bed easily may be entertaining to your toddler but it is important to continue with a routine similar to when they were in a cot. When they get out of bed simply put them back into bed. They’ll soon get used to having a new big bed to get into every night. 

Moving your child from a cot to a bed isn’t a straightforward process as each child might have a different set of requirements. It is important to research suitable beds and options to find out what works well for you.

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