How to update your kids bedroom for winter

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As the nights start to get shorter, we’re getting settled down for the evening earlier and the temperature begins to drop, it is time to think about making your kids’ bedroom for winter. Just as we’ve all mastered the art of staying cool on hot summer nights, there are many ways you can make your kids bed winter ready. 

Here’s our top tips to make a snug and cosy bedroom perfect for your little one this winter. 

Get a winter duvet

A winter duvet can make such a difference to ensure that your kids remain during the warm and don’t stir. A summer tog rating on their duvet could be too low for the colder weather so it is often worth investing in a high tog rating duvet and vacuum pack your spring/summer duvet away for the next 6 months. 

If your little one is warm and cosy in bed, the chance that they’ll stir and get out of bed is a lot less. That means you’ll be able to enjoy a little bit of peace and quiet too. 

Make a cosy area 

The winter is all about getting cosy at home. Create a cosy area your child can enjoy and call their own space. A snug under high sleeper is the perfect space to make a cosy area and update your kids bedroom for winter. 

Get rearranging 

You can create a whole new space in your kids bedroom just by shaking things up a little bit. Moving furniture around and creating a new space can completely transform their bedroom without doing too much. 

Rearranging is a great way of trialing out new ideas to see if the space you already have could incorporate new features before you splash out on a new bed or wardrobe. 

New bedding 

New bedding is one of the simplest ways to update your kids bedroom for winter. You could pick bedding that features their favourite toy, colours they love or the perfect wintery scene to transform their bedroom in an instant. A bed is the main feature in any bedroom so updating the bedding is instantly noticeable. 

Throws and cushions are also an easy way to transform your kids bedrooms and add an extra element of cosiness during the winter months. 

Creative corner

Whether its a soft toy play area, a dedicated desk or the ultimate arts and crafts section, develop an area they can enjoy spending time in. As the days are considerable shorter the amount of time kids can play outside has significantly reduced so having a space they can get creative and use their imagination is really important. 

If you’re short on space, it may be worth considering a bunk bed or high sleeper in their bedroom as you can save on essential floor space whilst still getting in all the furniture and practical space your kids bedroom needs. You can easily transform your kids bedroom for winter with one or all of our simple steps.

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