Is my 6 year old ready for a high sleeper?


A high sleeper, as the name suggests is an elevated bed with a lot of space underneath due to the height the bed is from the ground. With so much space underneath high beds are often designed with desks, wardrobes, sofa and pullout beds. There’s a lot of versatility with high sleepers, allowing you to incorporate a lot of essential furniture without impacting vital floor space. 

The bed is situated at the top of the ladder so it is important to consider if your child will be able to safely negotiated the ladder both up and down, however most children love the idea of sleeping in a high sleeper or bunk bed. 


When should I invest in a high sleeper?

high sleeper

Most manufacturers recommended age for both high sleeper beds is 6 years old. This is due to safety regulations and the design being accessed by either a ladder or steps, however it is always worth checking the individual product detail pages for specific safety guidelines.

You need to wait until your child is past the stage where falling out of a bed is a potential danger as a high sleeper is considerably higher than a standard bed. Also, if your child is prone to getting up in the middle of the night it is advised that you wait until they reach an age that you believe they will be confident to climb down the ladder at night safely.


Manufacturers offer clear guidelines for proper use to ensure that your child remains free from accident or harm. Due to their extra height as compared to a traditional single bed, high sleepers do propose a greater risk of an accident if they are not used properly, so it’s important to run through the guidelines with your child and only move your child into a high sleeper when you believe it is appropriate for your child. As long as safety guidelines are followed correctly, there is no danger to your child. 


titan high sleeper erika white chair roomsetWhat are the benefits of a high sleeper? 

High sleepers provide maximum storage solutions and usable space that can be changed and adapted as your child grows up. You can shop for beds based on the other additional features you need in your child’s bedroom, such as beds that include wardrobes, draws, shelving, storage boxes, seating areas or even a spare bed. A high sleeper offers more usable space underneath the bed for older children in comparison to mid sleepers as they can often include desks which are highly flexible and versatile spaces as and when your child becomes more independent. 

High sleepers that incorporate essential storage and furniture reduce the need for additional furniture in your kids bedrooms. Meaning you can optimise how your kids use their room and incorporate more functional space whatever that need may be. 

High sleepers offer excellent bed and storage solutions for any kids bedroom, however, it is important to consider what you and your child need from their bed to provide the ultimate space-saving solution before you invest. 

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