June Brand focus: Kidsaw beds

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The sunshine is back, the countdown to summer is on and our June brand focus is here. This month we are celebrating one of our gorgeous brands, Kidsaw. Kidsaw is an innovative brand that focus on making kids beds fun, accessible and most of child safe. Their business launch was made on a very simple idea concept of making easy-to-build interlocking attractive furniture for children and babies and that’s exactly what they have achieved.


JCBB Roomset

Kidsaw: The JCB Digger Single Bed

Just as the label suggests, the JCB bed is literally a bed designed with the appearance of a JCB. Liven up your kid’s bedroom with the JCB single bed. JCB bed of dreams is one of the most popular beds we currently feature as it literally blows the imagination of little kids and makes bedtime that bit more exciting.

The bed is designed to meet the growing demand of functional and sleek bedroom furniture alongside beds that can capture the imagination of children from the offset. Every bed in the Kidsaw design is built to meet a specific purpose and aspect of functionality. If your kids love their bed they are a lot more likely to want to get into bed on time and get a great night’s sleep and that is exactly what they will get with the JCB Digger bed. 

Kidsaw: Mid sleeper beds

Kidsaw have a sleek and timeless range of mid sleeper beds including their Coast Mid-Sleeper that has a design that meets the requirements of any modern bedroom. The straight lines and wide panels give it a contemporary aesthetic, as well as a strong and durable construction that meet all UK and European safety standards.

The Coast Mid-Sleeper is designed to maximise space in any bedroom, allowing space beneath for storage units or play. Available in white to fit any room setting or a cool grey that adds calming element and a twist to the norm. The solid bed slats are designed to allow air flow through the mattress, for comfort and to prolong the life of the mattress and maximising the comfort of your child as they sleep.

One of the big benefits of Kidsaw beds is that they design beds for every age, so you can get a perfectly designed bed for kids from toddler to teenage. They have a range of mid sleepers that are perfect for a wide age range. As a hybrid between a single bed and high sleepers, they provide plenty of space if your child has their friends around whilst also ensuring a place for a comfortable and restorative night’s sleep.


Kidsaw: The functionality

Nearly all of Kidsaw products use a simple ‘slot’ in design and are held together through the use of hooks, this secures everything in place and makes our products very sturdy without the complexity of using glue, mechanical fixings or screws (these are only ever needed for our bed slats or our desk spring mechanisms). Their brand name was formed from the word jigsaw as the idea that made easy to fit together beds with fun and functional designs.

Even with their complex and fun designs the basics of the bed are simple, effect and bound to last the test of time. Kidsaw beds are built for longevity – just like a real tractor! This bed reflects the ideology of the brand: engaging, fun and authentic. Each bed is hassle free, and ready to use within a short set up time, their beds are as convenient for the parents, as it is cool for the kids to sleep in – plus they’ll be the envy of all their friends!



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