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Kids decorating trends Spring 2022

Decorating your kid’s bedroom is no easy project, but when you get it spot on, your kids will absolutely love it. Nowadays there are so many design solutions to consider which makes everything that bit harder when deciding on the perfect bedroom decor for your children. We’ve pulled together the top trends from designers to compile the ultimate guide to kids’ bedroom trends in 2022.

Multifunctional spaces 

As new-build homes are typically getting smaller in size it is important to create multifunctional 6 kids bedroom trends that will be everywhere in 2021spaces that provide your child with the best of both worlds. After an unsettled 2020 and 2021, it is important to provide your child with a space that can provide a place for distance learning, entertainment and somewhere comfy to sleep.

It might be worth considering investing in a mid or high sleeper to ensure that your kid’s bedroom can provide plenty of space. From functional desk spaces to plenty of storage solutions, think about how the bed will serve your kids moving forwards and as they grow up.


Nordic accents 

2022 will be all about the Nordic vibes and simplistic design features. Keep the space light and airy, combining natural material and fabrics to create a calming atmosphere. Not only will this help your kids get to sleep without too many distractions, but it also creates a space you’ll enjoy spending time in too.

You could also invest in a Scandi style playhouse or teepee to create the perfect play space.


Pastel perfection 

Whether it’s the perfect girly pink or natural green hues, pastels are perfect for any child’s bedroom. You can incorporate any shade into your pastel colour scheme and too often they can be gender-neutral so perfect for a shared bedroom. Pastels were popular in 2020 but will be even more of a design success this year.


Natural materials 

Natural materials are a big feature in kids’ bedroom trends this year. Classic wooden bed frames and bedroom accessories are the ultimate way to incorporate natural materials into any bedroom. Whether it’s an upcycled wood dressing table or sleek cotton curtains, you can incorporate natural material in so many ways into your kid’s bedroom this year.



6 kids bedroom trends that will be everywhere in 2021

Space-saving furniture is essential to get maximum usable space and storage options, especially in 2022. As we may be spending more time at home this year than we previously expected it is important to create a space that your child can comfortably incorporate into your bedroom. Get plenty of usable space in your child’s bedroom so they are ready for whatever may be thrown in our direction this year.




Create a restful space 

A calming atmosphere is a kid’s bedroom trend that probably benefits you as a parent more so than your child. A restful space keeps your child from getting wound up and distracted before bedtime, allowing them to focus on drifting off to the land of nod as easily as possible.

Incorporate ideas we’ve already mentioned such as neutral colours, natural materials and nordic accents to create the perfect calming kid’s bedroom.