Shared bedroom ideas for kids

Shared bedrooms can sometimes be a complicated affair, especially when your kids have different interests. However, nowadays there are so many bedroom solutions for shared bedrooms that there is something for everyone needs. Yours kids will love their vast range of bedroom ideas! 


Bunk beds 

Bunk beds are the ultimate space saving solution for any shared bedroom. There’s so much 

Shared bedroom

more to a modern bunk bed, as bunk beds provide both sleep spaces and keep the bedroom clear for vital storage solutions. Bunk beds take up a lot less floor space than two separate beds so the bedroom will seem more spacious and offer a more flexible solution.


There are a lot of bunk bed designs and variations available to help you create a kids bedroom that is both fun in the day time and also the perfect setup to ensure they get plenty of shut-eye on a night. 


Multi Use furniture 

If your kids are sharing a bedroom then it is essential for items to be multipurpose. Whether it’s a bed with plenty of storage, a dressing table that can double as a desk or a chair that can fold down into a bed, it is important to think about furniture versatility.


As a parent we all know that bedroom furniture isn’t cheap so it is important to buy items that will last the test of time. Plus as a shared bedroom we know that it can be difficult if you’re tight on floor space to fit everything in, so multi use furniture is essential. 


Mid sleepers

Mid sleepers provide lots of additional storage underneath the main bed. They are an excellent solution when floor and storage space is at a min

Shared bedroom

imum in a shared bedroom and enable kids to keep their things together. Plus, what kid doesn’t dream about getting a mid sleeper when they’re little?! 


The mid sleeper bed ranges at Kids Beds Online offer endless styles, colours and design options, including cleverly-designed cabin beds with desk, tents and play areas for extra fun for your little one. There are mid sleeper beds to suit all age ranges, from teenagers to young children



Keep colours neutral 

Neutral walls and bed frames will help to make the bedroom appear more spacious rather than dark or busy wallpaper. It also means that each child

can incorporate their interests into the accessories in their part of the bedroom, such as LOL doll bedding, display their favourite cars or decorate their bed with their range of soft toys.


Colours and ideas can be changed as and when interests do as neutral walls, carpets and curtains are highly versatile and work with almost every design idea.

Create their own space

We often need a little bit of ‘me’ time as an adult and as a child, it is no different. Whether its a mid sleeper, bunk bed or high sleeper, you have the opportunity to create the perfect space just for them. They can get away from siblings, play with their toys and so much more once they have their own special place.


There are so many shared bedroom ideas for kids nowadays that you might struggle to pick your favourite!

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