Top tips to transform small kids bedrooms

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Designing kids bedrooms when it’s short of floor space is a lot easier than you think when you invest in flexible and versatile bedroom options. There is no one size fits all approach, there are hundreds of different designs and formations to make sure that you can find the perfect solution for any shaped room or child’s interest. Whether it’s a mid sleeper or a high sleeper bed it’s important to think outside the box and find a design you know they will love but it’s important to consider their age and the duration of the bed when you’re picking out a style. 


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Practicality is key

For many school-aged children, a mid sleeper bed is a great investment as it is so versatile to a child’s needs. They provide plenty of storage for toys and games but can also incorporate functional working areas such as desks, perfect for when they need to get their homework done or get a craft activity done in peace. It’s the perfect solution to mixing sleeping, homework and playtime in your child’s bedroom and there are so many designs for both girls and boys. 

Plus, for younger children, a mid sleeper is often the most versatile solution as not only does it provide considerable storage for toys and games, but it is also the perfect height as its that little bit lower to the ground than a bunk bed or high sleeper which might be a little scary, especially for younger kids. 


Carefully pick your brand

Stompa, Parisot, Steens and many more of the bed brands we stock have a wide range of designs and solutions to work for almost any bedroom no matter what the size. Their ethos over the past 60 years of designing and manufacturing has remained the same since they created the brand, they aim to make small rooms larger and to offer children’s beds and furniture with unique features. 

Most of our favourite brands have developed bedroom furniture that includes bunk beds, high sleepers, mid sleepers, single beds and cabin beds to create the ultimate luxury kids bedrooms. Our brands have thought of every bed and storage solution you could possibly need in your kid’s bedroom, from endless built-in storage solutions to versatile ladders and stairs, their range of mid sleepers is perfect for a child’s bedroom of any shape and size. 


Mid Urban Birch 6c

Storage galore

Storage in a kids bedrooms is essential. With a room brimming with toys, entertainment and school essentials, it is important to have somewhere where everything can be stored neatly and accessed safely. One of the easiest options is to choose a bed with plenty of built-in storage such as a mid sleeper bed, as it doesn’t take up any more floor space but provides you with much-needed storage. Take on your kids 2022 bedrooms update this month and they’ll have the perfect space to relax after a long day at school. And we’re sure they’ll need it if things hopefully go back to normal!

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