‘What is the difference between a cabin bed and a mid sleeper?’

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A question we are asked a lot is ‘what is the difference between a cabin bed and a mid sleeper?’ And the answer is design wise they are incredibly similar beds which both offer a lot of space saving solutioins as both beds are rasied from the ground. However in the finer detail the frame height of these beds will vary, but typically a kids cabin bed is a slightly elevated single bed that may or may not include a small ladder or steps. Whereas a kids mid sleeper bed can be a little bit higher than a cabin bed and will have a ladder or staircase up to the raised sleeping area.

With a wide range of mid-sleepers and cabin beds on offer, we have thought of every bed and storage solution you could possibly need in your kid’s bedroom. From endless built-in storage solutions to versatile ladders and stairs, our range of kids beds are perfect for a child’s bedroom of any shape and size. Plus, our range of mid sleepers and cabin beds are perfect for kids as they grow up into their teenage years.


Are mid sleepers the perfect bed?

Bedroom space savers

To maximise the space in your kid’s bedroom you might want to consider investing in a cabin bed or mid sleeper to maximise floor space and available storage. Both styles of beds incorporate essential storage and furniture reduce the need for additional furniture in your kids bedrooms. Meaning you can optimise how your kids use their room and incorporate more functional space whatever that need may be.

Mid-Sleepers and cabin beds provide a lot more space for your little ones to have adventures with their toys on the floor, which is really beneficial if the living space is tight.

So how do they both differ from a high sleeper?

Mid sleepers, cabin beds and high sleepers all offer sleeping solutions that are raised off the ground and are higher than your typical kid’s bed. They both offer an expansive amount of usable space underneath which can provide essential, especially when working with smaller floor space. A high sleeper, as the name suggests, is an elevated bed with a lot of space underneath due to the height the bed is from the ground. The bed is situated at the top of the ladder so it is important to consider if your child will be able to safely negotiate the ladder both up and down.

In comparison, a mid sleepers are typically mid-height between a traditional bed and a high sleeper. It typically has a shorter ladder or built-in steps to access the bed so is an ideal solution for younger children who may not be confident enough to safely use the ladders of a high sleeper. Mid sleepers are a popular solution thanks to their inbuilt storage solutions, pull out desks and play solutions depending on the needs of your child. Cabin beds are almost the same in design as a mid sleeper bed however they are often slightly lower to the ground than a mid sleeper.


Are mid sleepers the perfect bed?Give them room to grow

Both cabin beds and mid sleeper gives your kids room to grow which is hugely important as they grow up in the blink of an eye. Buy a bed that will last them years even when they are rapidly growing. Both beds can cater for so many needs of a child and can be amended and changed for use as needs are. A craft station can change into a homework spot, under bed play area into a versatile storage space, you get the idea.

Plus, It is also important to consider siblings and any future children when purchasing a bed and a mid sleeper or cabin bed may save you a lot of money in the long run as it is both space-saving yet timeless.

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