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2023 Kids bedroom inspiration

Bedrooms are not the easiest home to decorate, especially when you want to please your kids so much. Decorating your kid’s bedroom is no easy project, but when you get it spot on, your kids will absolutely love it. Nowadays there are so many design solutions to consider which makes everything that bit harder when deciding on the perfect bedroom decor for your children. We’ve pulled together the top trends from designers to compile the ultimate guide to kids’ bedroom inspiration in 2023.


Ultimate Girls beds: International Women’s Day 2021

Gain some space

To maximise the space in their bedroom you might want to consider investing in a mid or a high sleeper to maximise floor space and available storage. Mid sleepers and high sleepers that incorporate essential storage and furniture reduce the need for additional furniture in your kids bedrooms. Meaning you can optimise how your kids use their room and incorporate more functional space whatever that need may be.

They might be able to play in their bedroom more and let you have a little bit of me-time once in a while in the living room.

Let them use their imagination 

Whether your child is obsessed with unicorns, space, reading, Tiktok or everything pink, you can work their interests into their bedroom design. You don’t need to go overboard on the decor, keep things neutral where possible with good quality bedroom furniture and a clean lick of paint and add accent features related to their hobbies and interests.

Bedding is a great way to add this to any bedroom as it is easy to change and they can choose a new set when you’re at the supermarket, they often have a brilliant range to choose from! Giving them a choice in their bedroom is really important in their growth for the future too!

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Make a statement with a print

New bedding, curtains of soft furnishings are one of the simplest ways to update your kid’s bedroom this summer. You could pick bedding that features their favourite toy, colours they love or their favourite movie aspects to decorate the space. Making a statement through the accessories allows you to invest in high-quality beds and furnishings that will last your child years and grow with them.


Keep things neutral

If you invest in sleek and neutral bedroom furniture and wall colours you can bring in colours and designs through soft furnishings such as duvet covers, throws, cushions and curtains.

A sleek white bed frame is incredibly versatile and will go with every girly bedroom design imaginable. We love our white Nordic playhouse bed frame which can be decorated to create the ultimate girly playhouse in the comfort of their bedroom. Or, to create the go-to boy’s dream den-themed bedroom, we don’t think you can be a mid sleeper with plenty of room to safely play and relax underneath and a comfy mid sleeper bed on top.