3 beds to make Christmas morning magical!

Urban Birch High 1BUBH1

Christmas time is the perfect opportunity to brighten up your little ones life and how better than to create a bedroom of dreams, quite literally! Their bedroom is often where they spend most of their day and drift off into the land of nod, so why not create a magic place to enjoy. As the festive season quickly approaches create the ultimate bedroom with themed beds and that can transform a room instantly.


scorpion racer bed 812 p 2 1200x750

Race to the land of nod

Create the ultimate boy’s bedroom by finding a bed that matches their interests and hobbies. Whether they love race cars, buses, space or sports you can find a bed that suits their personality. Plus, you can also be clever and find a bed that also offers plenty of storage so you can neatly put away all of their Christmas gifts this year without a big mess in your boy’s bedroom floor. Your little boy will be amazed at their new bed and want to spend so much time in their brand new bed that bedtime will become the easiest part of the day!


Fairy palace 

Transform your little girl’s bedroom and give her the bedtime experience she will never forget with a brand new bed fit for a princess. Whether it’s a raised up mid or high sleeper to make her feel like she is the Queen of the castle or a playhouse framed bed that feels like the ultimate bedroom hideaway, there are so many options to create the ultimate princess palace this Christmas.

Let their imaginations run wild and create the ultimate girly hang out space to enjoy from this Christmas, to next Christmas and beyond!


High Urban Birch 10d

Christmas Morning Chillout

How amazing would it be on Christmas morning if the little ones could enjoy the morning in their very own magical chillout area? Dream no more, for our ultimate beds when it comes to kid hangout space. Our much sought-after high sleepers features a creative area, versatile relaxing space and some even include an extra trundle bed to turn a bunk into a triple bunk!

Chilling out with siblings, cousins and friends throughout the year becomes enjoyable and practical with a mountain of space to play, relax and all their imaginations to go wild in a space they will love. At Kids Beds Online we have a wide range of high sleepers to suit your kids needs and bedroom design.


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