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5 top tips to get your kids in bed on time

Getting your kids to sleep on time can often be a difficult task especially if they are filled with energy after an exciting day. What works for one family might not work for another, but we know that it is important to share ideas so we’ve gathered together 5 top tips from parents that help get their kids in bed on time. We’ve definitely got something new for you to try! 

Create a bedroom they love

If your children have a space that they love then they will want to spend more time in it. It can often be worth revamping their bedrooms, whether that with a lick of paint in their favourite colour, new bed or bedding so that they want to spend time there. 

Let your kids get involved in the process of selecting new items as this really helps them feel a sense of pride and ownership in their bedroom. A few new or revamped items in their bedroom can make a huge difference.

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Get into a consistent routine

Creating a routine is important. Plan out a schedule of what needs to be done each night and how long each step takes to complete. Then work backwards from their bedtime to work out what needs to be done and when, so that your children are in bed for their set bedtime. 

Make sure they know what needs to be done each night and if they are old enough to read the time, when things need to be completed. A consistent routine every night gets your children into bed on time and allows you to relax before heading to bed yourself. 

Separate their spaces

Creating different areas in their bedroom is a great way to separate their headspace. We all know that space is at a premium, so a bunk bed with a work space on the bottom and bed above may be the perfect solution to get your kids into bed on time. It also gives them the ability to separate themselves from their schoolwork and allow them to switch off their brain.

Give them a treat on a weekend

If they know they will get to have a friend to sleep over once a month or visit the cinema then they are a lot more likely to go to bed on time. Rewarding your kids with something they want is a great way to get them into bed on time. 

If your kids do want a sleepover as a treat then it is important to invest in a bed that can sleep guests when necessary. There are a lot of beds available that have a pullout bed to create the ultimate sleepover space. 

Have quiet time 

Whether it’s 15 minutes or an hour, give your children some quiet time before getting into bed. This means no TV or electrical devices, rather they can spend time in their bedroom reading, playing or taking some time out. It’s important that they let their brain wind down and understand that they will be getting into bed soon.

This doesn’t mean you say night night without a bedtime story, it just helps them calm down after a busy day of school or nursery.

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