How to keep your kids room tidy

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We all know that keeping your child’s bedroom tidy can be difficult, especially if they’re pulling everything out to play with. However, we’ve put together some of our top tips to help keep their rooms tidy.

Storage beds 

A storage bed is a great investment especially if floorspace is a little bit of a squeeze. Whether it has deep spacious under bed draws or inbuilt shelving, there are a wide range of storage beds that work for any bedroom. You can help to keep your kids bedrooms tidy and maximise the space available for them to play. Plus, they keep the overall design and look of the bedroom fresh and clean. 

The Parisot sleep storage daybed has 2 deep drawers that are great for storage and the inbuilt back shelving allows your child to display their treasures and keep them close at hand.

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Create a chores bowl 

A chores bowl is as simple as it sounds. Write a bunch of chores that need to be done in their bedroom and they pick out a few nights a week and have to complete it before they go to bed. 

These could range from making sure all clothes are picked up and put away to putting all their toys back. It’s simple tasks that teach them responsibilities and help them to keep pride in their own space. Plus, you might be able to reward them with a little treat at the end of the week such as staying up an extra 30 mins on a Friday night. 

Invest in a bed they love

Just like adults, kids will take care of the things they take pride in. It is important to include your child in the decision when picking out a new bed, whether it’s a high sleeper with a desk underneath, bunk bed for a friend to sleep over or a race car themed bed for your F1 champ, it is important to pick something they’ll enjoy having as well as being functional. 

If they love their bed and bedroom they’ll learn to take pride in their space and keep it tidy. We all know that this might need a little guidance in the right direction but we all had to start somewhere!

Make sure they have plenty of storage

You can’t keep telling your kids off for having a messy bedroom if they have nowhere to put their clothes and toys. There are so many space saving storage solutions such as underbed storage, desks with built in storage, toy boxes and more. 

If they start to run out of space it may be worth doing a declutter and getting rid of things they no longer use or play with. Plus, if you have a declutter of your things, they will be a lot more inclined to get rid of a few of their own things.

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