Bunk beds reimagined

london bus bunk bed 811 p 2 1200x750

Reimagine your idea of traditional bunk beds and transform them into something sleek, modern and hugely practical. Modern bunk beds are full of essential space saving ideas, incorporating essential storage space in a way you would have never considered.

Bunk beds are no longer the clunky metal frames of the late 20th century, they’re completely transformed and become the centrepiece of any kids bedroom. There are many bunk bed designs and variations available to help you create a kids bedroom that is both fun in the day time and the perfect setup to ensure they get plenty of shut-eye on a night. 


Bunk Beds are Money-saving 

As well as being sleek and the ultimate modern go to,

 with bunk beds there’s often no hidden expenses for headboards and extra

fittings. Everything you need is included in the cost of the bed as they provide an all in one solution. Plus, bunk beds may mean that you don’t need to extend or move house as you can sleep an extra person without needing additional space. 



Bring out your child’s creativity

They aren’t just for sleeping, they provide endless fun and creativity. The additional vertical space allows kids to spark their imagination and turn the beds into pirate ships, forts, princess castles and a whole lot more. At Kids Beds Online we even have the ultimate campervan bunk bed and London Bus bunk bed available which really will bring out their playful side. Bunk beds provide kids with their own place to play (with Adult supervision of course), use their imagination and most importantly sleep. 

Kids often love the idea of sleeping on the top bunk too as it is exciting!


Endless possibilities  

With so many solutions and designs that you will always find a suitable option for your bedroom, this is where the magic happens. Bunk beds are perfect for when floor space is limited and provide the logical solution to build up rather than out. 

Bunk beds are the ideal space-saving solution as they can include a variety of storage solutions built-in, including draws, wardrobes and shelving solutions on the side and bottom of the beds.

Bunk-beds are fully functional even for the most specific of design requirements and room layouts. 



Sleepover friendly! 

Billie Bunk bed Grey Open 1200x848 1Flexible in design and functionality but it is also important to consider add ons and additional options when purchasing a bunk bed. A built-in trundle draws under the bunk bed is the perfect solution if you need the flexibility of an additional 3rd bed to sleep with family and friends. 

It’s the perfect solution for when your kids have friends over to stay or you offer to look after your nieces and nephews for the weekend rather than them sleeping on the floor or a blow-up mattress. Your kids will be able to sleep comfortably and peacefully without getting a disrupted night’s sleep, well that’s if they get any sleep at all! 


Plan for the future

When shopping it is important to choose something that caters for your kids growing needs now but also lasts into the future. Choosing the right bed for your child can be difficult but take your time and research the perfect bunk bed. There are so many solutions out there but it is important to choose something practical, futureproof and where possible fun.

Bunk beds are the ultimate space-saving solution for any shared bedroom.

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