Celebrating Sleep – National bed month

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National Bed Month, what an absolute dream! A whole month dedicated to fun and exciting bed designs, super comfy mattresses and most importantly sleep, we can’t imagine anything better! Organised by UK Sleep Council, the month aims to remind us all of why a sound sleep is good for our health and raise the importance of something many of us take for granted. A good night’s sleep can make you happier, healthier and motivated for the day ahead and that is exactly the same for your child. 

In a groundbreaking study it found that switching an uncomfortable old bed to a lovely new bed meant an extra 42 minutes of sleep, which we find pretty incredible! Making sure you’ve got the right bed for your child could be the one thing that gets them to sleep through the night without waking up. Investing in a quality bed or mattress might just help you stay sane thanks to a good night’s rest and recovery! 


Step 1: Choosing the perfect bed


Your number 1 priority when making sure you’re kids get a great night’s rest should be the bed and the mattress. If it is uncomfy, lacks support or isn’t right for the room, then chances are your kids won’t get a good night’s sleep. 

Kids are far more aware of their surroundings than we often give them credit for, so make sure to do your research and invest in a range of beds that work to get your kids to sleep each night. 


National bed month is a good way to assess if your little ones really are getting the good night’s rest and recovery they should be. 


Step 2: Create a sleep-friendly environment

It doesn’t take a genius to know that your kids will sleep much better if they are in the right environment. Take the time this month to check if their bedroom is sleep-friendly. Make sure it’s cool, dark, quiet and where possible clutter-free. The bedroom should be kept for sleep and quiet time where possible. 

Make sure that all toys are put away at the end of the day to avoid distractions and the blinds are pulled well before bedtime to create a calm and soothing environment for bedtime.


Set 3: Improve bedtime routine


Experiment with new ways to relax after a busy day such as simple baths (no exciting toys and busy bath bombs), use gentle lamps instead of the main light and read a book or two. It’s important to pick and choose the things that you know will help relax and calm your child as you want to calm their mind before bedtime. Just like adults, their minds can run on overdrive, so revamp their bedtime routine to help them settle each night.


National Bed month might just be the perfect excuse to revamp their bedtime routine. If your little one if getting a good night’s sleep then you get the opportunity to get some shut-eye before the next busy day. 

If you have any questions about sleep and how to improve your sleep pattern during national bed month then please do give us a shout. We’re more than happy to help however we can!

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