Transitioning to a teenage bedroom

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Styling a functional yet stylish teenage bedroom can be complex as you still want to make practical use of the space available. Transitioning from childhood bedrooms to something that they can use and enjoy is a difficult decision and not something that can be taken likely. Making a functional space that will last them throughout their teenage years is achievable.



Stylish Day bed

Day beds aren’t simply reserved for guest beds, they often make a great addition to a teenage bedroom. The design of a day bed looks more mature than a simple single bed in their bedrooms and helps to create a more grownup space. Day beds can look far from a bed if you style it right with luxurious cushions and throws. You can make it look warm and cosy with rich tones and range of soft throws ready for you to cuddle up on or you can style it up with light and bright linens to give it a soft and airy feel.


Plus, a day bed provides lots of additional seating when your teenager invites their friends around and keeps them out of your living room. A few simple changes can completely change the look of the daybed and the atmosphere it brings to the room. It can look nothing like a bed until the person using it is ready to go to sleep if that’s the look you want to achieve.


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Games delight 

Gamer beds allow space to fit their screens under their bed to create the ultimate teenage gaming bedroom. Perfect for the dedicated gamers; some of our high beds have space for more than one screen for the full visual experience or maybe a high bed with screen space underneath and a cosy sofa chair to settle into while you link up and play with friends. The concept of gaming beds are new to the market, but provide the perfect bedroom hybrid for any budding gamer or enthusiast.

Plus, with exams on the horizon for many teenagers, this also provides the perfect desk for homework and revision as they grow older.



Give them personal space

Having space where your teen can spend time on their own and develop hobbies and interests is really important. A comfy seating area or desk might be the key to working on these interests, so it might be worth considering investing in a high sleeper bed to provide space for these things. You can maximise space in their bedroom and optimise how your kids use their room and incorporate more functional space such as desks, seating area and essential storage solutions to allow them to pursue their interests. They might be able to use their bedroom more and let you have a little bit of time once in a while in the living room if they have a space to grow.


If you have any more teenage bedroom ideas then we’d love to hear from you. Please email our team at [email protected] to share your ideas and teenage bedroom design hacks. We know that making the perfect teenage bed isn’t an easy task!

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