How-to guide: the ultimate girly bedroom

How-to guide: the ultimate girly bedroom

Knowing how to create your little ones ultimate girly bedroom can often be incredibly difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. With their ever-changing interests and trends coming and going quicker than you can realise, it can be hard to know the right and wrong decisions to make. At Kids Beds Online we’ve pulled together our ultimate girly bedroom ideas that we’ve heard time and time again. 


It’s all in the planningHow-to guide: the ultimate girly bedroom

It is important to create a bedroom that your daughter loves rather than just follow a trend. Have a look online together at ideas and see what she likes and doesn’t like, that way you know you are investing in decor that she will enjoy rather than just following a trend. Let her share her ideas with you and work together to find the perfect solution that is fun and works with the space and your budget. 

Go wild with colour

Go all out with paint and allow your kids to make their own mark but invest in sleek and neutral bedroom furniture to create the perfect balance. Investing in high-quality key items will last for a long time and match all decors effortlessly no matter how many times your kids change their interests, hobbies, favourite colour or toys!

A sleek white bed frame is incredibly versatile and will go with every girly bedroom design imaginable. We love our white Nordic playhouse bed frame which can be decorated to create the ultimate girly playhouse in the comfort of their bedroom. 


Give them their own space

Having space where your child can spend time on their own and develop hobbies and interests is really important. A comfy seating area or desk might be the key to working on these interests, so it might be worth considering investing in a high sleeper bed to provide space for these things. 

You can maximise space in their bedroom and optimise how your kids use their room and incorporate more functional space such as desks, seating area and essential storage solutions to allow them to pursue their interests. They might be able to use their bedroom more and let you have a little bit of time once in a while in the living room if they have a space to grow. 


How-to guide: the ultimate girly bedroomGet them a bed they love

Pick a bed they enjoy spending time in can often be half the battle with getting them into bed at nighttime. Whether it’s an exciting mid sleeper which they will love the idea of sleeping at a height or a themed bed such as a racecar or princess playhouse that meets their interests, there is a bed out there for everyone. Girly bedrooms don’t just need to be pink and flowery, racecars can make the perfect girl interested in all things fast cars. 


If you’re not sure where to start when making the ultimate girly bedroom then give our team a shout and we’ll be more than happy to share our ideas and pick out bed options that make the centre piece of any kids bedroom.

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