How to survive the school holidays

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Even after 3 months of homeschooling and uncertainties ahead, the school holidays can still be an exciting and thrilling experience for both you and your kids. The school holidays are often a stressful time for many parents, so we’ve put together our tops tips to help you survive the 6 week summer holidays. 

Get organised 

Where possible plan ahead and create a calendar of appointments, days out, family commitments and activities. Not only does it help to keep you organised it also allows the kids to get excited and plan for specific days. 

Organisation is key to staying organised during the holidays, whether its planning packed lunches into the weekly food shop or planning activities around an important appointment.

Search for offers

With tourist attractions, restaurants, shops and beaches trying to get people to visit during after being closed for 4 months there are bound to be lots of offers available. Have a quick search online and try to find a voucher before setting out for the day. Whether it is 2 for 1, 25% off or kids eat for free, there should be a voucher out there to help you save a bit of money. 

Plus, what you save on entry prices and meals you can spend on extra treats to keep the kids entertained. We all love a freebie! 

Get to sleep

It’s important that your kids get their sleep so they can enjoy all of the exciting activities you have planned out for them. Routines can often go out the window during the school holidays but it is important to stick to them wherever possible, especially when it comes to your kids getting their sleep. 

If your kids have a bedroom the love spending time in then they will enjoy going to sleep, especially after a busy day exploring. Take the time to plan in storytime or pred bed downtime to help them unwind and prepare for bed. 

Let them have ‘me’ time

Half an hour to yourself as a parent is utter bliss and as a child, this quiet time is important too. Make sure you give them time to enjoy playing on their own or watching a film in peace. Make sure they have a place they can go to relax and enjoy playing. Whether this is an under bed play area, a corner of the living room or in their bedroom, every child wants a space they can enjoy spending some me-time. 

If you’re running out of ideas on how to entertain the kids then talk to your friends and family members and they will have plenty of ideas that you haven’t thought about yet. They might even give you a helping hand and look after them for a couple of hours when you need a little break.

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