Summer ready bedroom 

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With summer now here it is the perfect time to update your kids bedroom ready for the long summer ahead. Plus, if you’ve already spent the last 3 months at home in quarantine then you might be in desperate need of a little change. 

Our team have put together their top tips to transform your kids bedroom to create the ultimate summer vibes. 

Bring the light

One of the easiest ways to transform your child’s bedroom is by adding in some new bright and colourful accessories. Whether its a new lamp and ceiling light, new carpet or clean and crisp bedding, there are lots of simple ways to brighten a bedroom. 

One of the best ways to brighten your child bedroom is to keep the walls and furniture in a simple colour and materials that can be easily adapted to most design ideas. The best thing about this idea? You can completely change the look and style of the room for every season by swapping out accessories for hardly any expense. Think about the cosy Christmas theme you cold have in December. 

Cotton Bedding

Cotton is the ultimate bedding choice during the summer months. Its moisture wick absorbency helps to keep your kids cool and ultimately helps to keep them asleep on warm summer nights. There’s a huge range of cotton bedding now readily available and look perfect with a simple white wooden bed frame. 

A good quality night’s sleep cannot be beaten whatever your age. Plus if they’re cool and asleep, you can get a great night’s sleep too! 

Keep it tidy

With kids at home during the summer holidays, it is important to keep their bedrooms tidy and as spacious as possible to allow them to play in there. If there’s no usable space then the kids will struggle to entertain themselves when they are having free time. 

A great way to keep it tidy and spacious is by investing in practical storage solutions, whether it’s a large cupboard, built-in underbed storage or high sleepers, there are so many possibilities to maximise the space in your kid’s bedroom and keep it tidy over the summer. 

Exciting furniture

Bedroom furniture doesn’t have to be plain and boring, it can be really exciting if you invest in the right pieces. Bright and exciting furniture can bring a room to life, and what’s more your kid’s will love the fun designs.

If your son loves race cars then it may be great to invest in a race car bed that they will love getting into bed each night or if your little girl adores her playhouse in the garden then you could invest in the ultimate playhouse bed. Beds can transform the whole bedroom and become a focal point of any kids bedroom. It is important to invest in something they will love.

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