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2024 is a year of transformation, especially if you are transitioning your child from their nursery into a grown up toddlers bedroom. Suddenly, your little one goes from a tiny babies in a cot to an inquisitive toddler in the blink of an eye. As they grow you also need to change and adapt their nursery into a room suitable for an explorative toddler. The idea of redecorating at each stage of their growth may be rather daunting and also not necessary. With careful planning, you can design a nursery that can easily transition as your child grows.

Knowing when the right moment is to transition from a cot to a toddlers bed isn’t straightforward and unfortunately, no one size fits all when it comes to this process. However, simple signs that it might be time to scale up is that they will climb out of their cot. This can happen at different stages for different children but if it happens at a younger age such as 12-18 months it is advisable to transition them to a toddler bed before going all out with a single bed.


Neutral and versatileHow to turn a Nursery into a Toddlers bedroom

By using neutral colours from the start, you’ll find that you won’t need to update the overall decor too often. You can add accessories that suit your child’s interests and help show their personality without changing the base of the room. Investing in neutral furniture is also a top tip, so consider a bed frame, wardrobe and storage units that are white, cream, grey or beige so they can be easily adaptable.


Good quality basics

If you invest in good quality basics, such as curtains, wardrobes and carpets that don’t need to change as your baby grows, then you don’t actually need to alter too much. A good quality wardrobe or chest of drawers for a baby can easily last your child until they reach Primary School age, if not longer, as the space provided is plenty.





Maximise the space

Open floor space is essential for your toddler to safely explore and play in their bedroom. Remove anything that is taking up space in your toddlers bedroom, consider investing in space-saving furniture and put anything into storage that your child has outgrown.

It may be worth changing your nursing chair for a small chair your child can use independently or can safely access alone. It’ll provide a lot of independence and help your child grow with even more confidence!


How to turn a Nursery into a Toddlers bedroomFor younger children, specifically toddlers, a single bed can be overwhelming and feel too big so a toddler bed or starter bed may be less challenging for them to get used to and safer for them to sleep in. A Toddlers Bed is the perfect transitional bed for any little one and can last way beyond the traditional toddler years.

Toddlers bed is also a brilliant space-saving idea in small bedrooms, especially when moving to a mid or high sleeper to maximise space simply isn’t an option at such a young age

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