Parents guide: Mid sleepers vs high sleepers

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Mid sleepers and high sleepers both offer sleeping solutions that are raised off the ground and are higher than your typical kid’s bed. 

A high sleeper, as the name suggests, is an elevated bed with a lot of space underneath due to the height the bed is from the ground. With so much space underneath high beds are often designed with desks, wardrobes, sofa and pull out beds. There’s a lot of versatility with high sleepers which allows you to incorporate a lot of essential furniture without impacting on vital floor space. 

In comparison, a mid sleeper is typically mid-height between a traditional bed and a high sleeper. It typically has a shorter ladder or built-in steps to access the bed so is an ideal solution for younger children who may not be confident enough to safely use the ladders of a high sleeper. Mid sleepers are a popular solution thanks to their inbuilt storage solutions, pull out desks and play solutions depending on the needs of your child. 


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Both options provide maximum storage solutions with multifunctional solutions that can be changed and adapted as your child grows up. You can shop for beds based on the other additional features you need in your child’s bedroom, such as beds that include wardrobes, draws, shelving, storage boxes, seating areas or even a spare bed.

A high sleeper offers more usable space underneath the bed for older children in comparison to mid sleepers, however, both mid and high sleepers are a great solution for any older child. Mid sleepers and high sleepers that incorporate essential storage and furniture reduce the need for additional furniture in your kids bedrooms. Meaning you can optimise how your kids use their room and incorporate more functional space whatever that need may be. 

Versatile space

Both bed styles can and do offer a wide range of versatility depending on the needs of your child. High sleepers can often provide more versatility to children of school age as they can include built-in desks, storage and workout space, whereas mid sleepers provide a lot of versatile storage space, ideal for younger children who don’t need as much workable space. 

They both offer an expansive amount of usable space underneath which can provide essential usable space, especially if they have a lot of toys and hobbies, but you do need to weigh up which you think will be the most beneficial to your kids.  



High Urban Birch 3cChoosing a bed for your child is tough, especially when you know that you want something more than just a standard bed. You’ve got to consider functionality, comfort, space and durability which can often become mind-boggling. 

One of the most practical solutions when looking for a kids bed nowadays is to consider a mid sleeper or a high sleeper as a solution as they offer a lot more than just a bed, but make sure you invest the best that is most suitable to your child and the safety of your child whilst sleeping. 

If you have any questions whilst choosing a bed for your child then please do get in touch either online or by phone, we would be delighted to help!

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