Simple summer holiday hacks

Simple summer holiday hacks

With over a year of chaos and constant disruption, we all deserve a rest and some relaxation time this summer. Relaxation for you and relaxation for your kids may have two completely different meanings, however, whatever you do, it doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. We’ve pulled together some of our simple summer holiday hacks for you to have a go at this year. 

Sleep outdoors Simple summer holiday hacks

Whether you’re setting up camp in the back garden, travelling 5 miles away to the local camping hotspot or travelling across the country to pitch up, camping is a brilliant activity for all the family. Camping is a really affordable way to take the kids away during the summer holidays as pitches are reasonably priced and you can take everything you need with you. 

If you don’t have a tent, look at hiring a glamping pod or borrowing a tent from a friend for the weekend. One thing is for sure though, you and your kids will cherish your beds when you get home after sleeping on the hard floor or lump travel mattresses. Summer holiday fun isn’t always comfy! 


Summer holiday couponing 

With more people staying in the UK this summer in comparison to others, days out and adventures will be a lot more popular. Before you go anywhere, have a quick search online and try to find a voucher before setting out for the day. Whether it is 2 for 1, 25% off or kids eat for free, there should be a voucher out there to help you save a bit of money. Sometimes buying online rather than when you get to the location can often be cheaper and quicker too. 

If you’re flexible on days and times there are loads of offers out there as businesses are trying to make up for many months without trade due to the pandemic. Plus, what you save on entry prices and meals you can spend on extra treats to keep the kids entertained. We all love a freebie! 


Simple summer holiday hacksMake a schedule

Where possible, plan ahead and create a calendar of appointments, days out, family commitments and activities. Not only does it help to keep you organised it also allows the kids to get excited and plan for specific days. The organisation is key to staying in control during the holidays, whether it’s planning packed lunches into the weekly food shop or planning activities around an important appointment.

A schedule also provides a routine for kids, just like a school day so on an evening you may find bedtime that little bit easier. Routines can often go out the window during the school holidays but it is important to stick to them wherever possible, especially when it comes to your kids getting their sleep. 


Half an hour to yourself as a parent is utter bliss and as a child, this quiet time is important too. Make sure you give them time to enjoy playing on their own or watching a film in peace. Make sure they have a place they can go to relax and enjoy playing. Whether this is an under bed play area, a corner of the living room or in their bedroom, every child wants a space they can enjoy spending some me-time.

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