What bed do I buy after a cot? Starter beds are your answer!

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Surely my child is too small to move from their cot into a single bed? This is a question we hear a lot from our customers who only want the best for their child. As kids continue to grow from baby to toddler to teenager, as a parent you need to ensure that your child has the perfect bed to suit them. As all children grow and develop at different rates there is no set age of when they should and shouldn’t move from a cot to a bed, but when you do feel that they are able to move from a cot safely there are a few options available.

At approximately 3 years old most children move from a cot into a traditional single bed to improve their comfort and to ensure they suitably fit their bed. Whether it’s a toddler bed or a full-sized single mattress, pick a bed they’ll love getting into each night is really important. The younger members of the family will adore their own smaller bed as they transition from cot to their brand new ‘big’ bed.


Have you heard of a starter bed?stompa classic kids starter bed with mattress 3 485 p 1

A starter bed comfortably and safely accommodate kids and toddlers alike and bring plenty of style to any children’s bedroom. For younger children, specifically toddlers, a single bed can be overwhelming and feel too big so a toddler bed or starter bed may be less challenging for them to get used to and safer for them to sleep in. A Toddlers Bed is the perfect transitional bed for any little one and can last way beyond the traditional toddler years. It is slightly smaller than a traditional single bed and is often closer to the floor, so kids don’t feel like they’ve made a huge jump from a cot to a big bed.

With built-in toddler bed rails to keep your wrigglers securely tucked up at night, you won’t need to worry about their transition to a bed. A Toddler’s bed is also a brilliant space-saving idea in small bedrooms, especially when moving to a mid or high sleeper to maximise space simply isn’t an option at such a young age.




neptune grey oak midsleeper roomsetWho are starter beds for?

Starter beds are a perfect choice for those younger children at approximately 30 months and older who are ready to move away from a cot but may feel lost in a full-size single bed. For many children a cot becomes unsafe as they can climb the railings and may injure themselves so, a starter bed is a perfect solution.

A starter bed is a little bit smaller to make your little ones feel more secure and provide you with peace of mind that they are in a bed suitable for their age range. There is no set minimum or maximum guidance on suitability for starter beds as all children grow and develop differently, however, it is worth noting that once your child is reaching the length of the bed then for their comfort it may be worth investing in a traditional single bed or perhaps even a mid or a high sleeper depending on their needs and specifics regarding bedroom space.

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