What is a bedside crib?

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As new parents, it can be extremely overwhelming when you are trying to suss out exactly what you need when it comes to nursery furniture and newborn essentials. As your baby grows so too does your shopping list as you add things to the list and listen to the endless recommendations from friends and family. You’ll often be recommended certain products over and over for your little ones however, that doesn’t mean that they are the product for you.

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You can make a sleek statement in your bedroom (or even nursery as they grow) with CoZee’s stylish and sleek bedside cribs. As a brand that knows first-hand what it is like to have your world turned upside down when your little bundle of joy arrives, they go above and beyond to create nursery furniture that includes everything you could imagine.

With a passion to create and design the perfect product for you and your precious little ones, you can sleep comfortably knowing that their safety and design are at the heart of everything they produce.




What is a bedside crib?

A bedside crib is as you would think a crib that attaches safely to the side of your bed to allow you to sleep next to your baby. It also allows you to easily access your baby in the middle of the night if they need you without having to get out of bed. Plus, it also helps you to bond with your child even more.

The most necessary item in a nursery is a cot or a side-by-side sleeper depending on where you placing your child. Whether you’re putting your baby down for a nap, letting them have some quiet time or tucking them in for the night, your cot will get plenty of use. It can be a little overwhelming assessing everything from safety through to the little features but it is important to make sure you choose a cot you are comfortable and confident with.


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Strengthen your bond

Side sleeping thanks to the help of Cozee bedside cribs helps to create and strengthen that special bond between you and your little one Allows you to breastfeed more easily Gives you peace of mind that your baby is close by Your baby can stay safe in your own bedroom for their first 6 months. For years parents slept close to their babies for their safety and protection, as well as for parents’ own ease of breastfeeding and sleeping. Now the idea has returned to modern society, but to keep your child safe, bedside cribs provide reassurance and ease, what more could you want as a parent?


Quick and easy to set up

Its innovative 30 seconds open and fold mechanism also allows you to use the crib on the move, making the CoZee® Bedside Crib your baby’s home away from home in seconds. With years of hands-on experience helping expectant parents to create the ultimate baby set up with the help of their stunning cribs wherever you are. They strive to know that they take care of the big things, so you can look after the little things.


There are lots of other features to consider such as a nursing chair and toy storage however these items can be bought along the way. It’s important to get your basic items before the baby arrives to make things as easy as possible once your bundle of joy arrives! We have a brilliant range of Tutti Bambini products in our range and would be more than happy to help you find the perfect solution for any nursery!

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