Best beds for your tweens: We’ve considered everything!

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Tweens is a tough age to shop for. Children change a lot between the ages of 8 and 12 and that can mean long-term solutions are tough to make as you want to ensure you are making the best decision both financially and for your child. They don’t want anything too childlike but more often than not you don’t want them to have something far beyond their age so they act the age they are.

For many tweens their bedroom is their sanctuary. They have it as a space to have some time alone, get their homework done and also enjoy some of their favourite hobbies with friends. They often need a multifunctional space that allows them to do everything they want to achieve in one space. So many beds now cater to tweens and offer a space that has so many different functions and designs to allow their bedroom to grow with them and not stop their transition into teenagers.


Gaming fanatic? Have you considered a gaming bed?

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Gaming beds and desks allow you to combine both bedroom essentials into one compact solution and avoid overcrowding in any bedroom. Each Gaming bed has been designed with study and gaming in mind, allowing the two to combine seamlessly. The full desk fits under the high bed, which allows plenty of space for plenty of screens and gaming needs of any avid gamer. A generously sized ergonomically designed desktop below accommodates the keyboard, mouse, controllers or PC. The beds also include a remote-controlled LED light strip to create mood/task lighting to bring the gaming vibe and provided some much-needed light whilst concentrating hard.

Gaming beds also come with a lot of the added advantages of a traditional high sleeper too, such as handy storage options below the desktop, including pull out drawers and large cupboards to neatly store away any equipment or hobbies. Plus, a gaming desk can also double up as a workspace for homework or the dreaded homeschooling in the event this needs to happen again.

One of the biggest benefits of gaming beds and desks is that it significantly reduces the amount of floor space required to have both. High sleepers provide maximum storage solutions and usable space that can be changed and adapted as your tweens grow up. A high sleeper gaming bed offers more usable space underneath the bed for tweens in comparison to mid-sleepers as they can often include desks that are highly flexible and versatile spaces as and when your child becomes more independent.


Raise the storage space

mid sleeper cabin bed makes the most excellent space saver, providing a fun and functional furniture option your tweens will love. Mid sleeper beds offer multifunctional solutions that can be changed and adapted as your child grows up. You can shop for beds based on the other additional features you need in your child’s bedroom, such as beds that include shelving, storage boxes, pull out draws and much much more.

Mid sleepers that incorporate essential storage and furniture reduce the need for additional furniture in your tweens bedrooms. This means you can optimise how they use their room and incorporate more functional space whatever that need may be fit in hobbies, homework etc.


Heritage Daybed 1 (as King Double)

Daybeds offer flexibility for your tweens

Day beds aren’t simply reserved for guest beds, they often make a great addition to a tweens bedroom. The design of a day bed looks more mature than a simple single bed in their bedrooms and helps to create a more grownup space. Day beds can look far from a bed if you style it right with luxurious cushions and throws. You can make it look warm and cosy with rich tones and range of soft throws ready for you to cuddle up on or you can style it up with light and bright linens to give it a soft and airy feel.

Plus, a day bed provides lots of additional seating when your tweens invites their friends around and keeps them out of your living room. A few simple changes can completely change the look of the daybed and the atmosphere it brings to the room. It can look nothing like a bed until the person using it is ready to go to sleep if that’s the look you want to achieve.

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