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Kids beds – What to consider before you buy Read More

Kids beds – What to consider before you buy

Buying a bed is a big investment. Something you use every single day without realising the importance of what you are buying and the emotional and physical wellbeing it provides. Now the pressure is on. So what is the best option for buying a kid's beds nowadays? Take a look at our two most commonly asked questions on our live chat.    Will a high sleeper suit my child? A high sleeper, as the name suggests, is an elevated bed with a lot of space underneath due to the height the bed is from the ground. The bed is situated at the top of the ladder so it is important to consider if your child will be able to safely negotiate the ladder both up and down, however most children love the idea of sleeping in a high sleeper and can safely negotiate the ladder with ease.  With so much space underneath high beds are often designed with desks, wardrobes, sofa and pull out beds. There’s a lot of versatility with high sleepers which allows you to incorporate a lot of essential furniture without impacting on vital floor space. With so much space underneath high sleeper beds can have anything from desks and...

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Thuka V Stompa mid and high sleepers Read More

Thuka V Stompa mid and high sleepers

Thuka beds are renowned for producing stylish bedroom furniture for any age child and pride themselves on providing simple solutions for every bedroom. From creative mid sleepers in fabulous colours and play themes to bunk beds perfect for a relaxed teen bedroom. Their distinctive designs and inevitable quality produce beds that you can rely on for years to come.   Thuka high sleepers and mid sleepers Thuka is a Danish company with all of its beds produced from the finest Scandinavian Pine which is sourced from sustainable forests. Thuka beds have a brilliant range of high sleepers that are perfect for children through to teenagers. With sleek designs that can adapt as your child grows and practical solutions that can be used for a wide range of hobbies and interests. With modern desk spaces for homework, crafts and space for computing, the beds are versatile to suit a child with a wide range of interests. You can be sure that a Thuka high sleeper provides the ideal solution for any child’s bedroom. With a creative range of mid sleeper beds, Thuka has the perfect beds for your little ones. From under bed tents for creative play ideas, clever storage solutions and pull...

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Keeping the kids entertained this Christmas
How to get the spare bedroom ready for Christmas Read More

How to get the spare bedroom ready for Christmas

In the busy run-up to Christmas it can be easy to let something slip your mind, but sorting out your guest bedroom before your siblings and their partners come to stay is not one of the things to forget. Too often when something is out of sight, it is out of mind, but when you have guests staying then you need to make it a top priority. So here are our top tips to get the spare room guest-ready this Christmas.  Invest in a day bed Not heard of a day bed before? The name might suggest a bed designed for lounging around all day but in fact, a day bed is a French-inspired design that encases the mattress on three sides, making it the perfect hybrid of a sofa and a bed. Day beds make the perfect addition to a spare bedroom, home office, playroom or perhaps even a living room. The three-sided design is synonymous with day beds. They appear at first as a sofa but the incorporated head and foot ends create a hybrid structure between a sofa and a standard bed. If you’re looking for multifunctional furniture for your home this Christmas then look no further! You’ll find...

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Are mid sleeper beds the most versatile option? Read More

Are mid sleeper beds the most versatile option?

We really do think that there is a mid sleeper bed for every child out there. Mid sleeper beds are really versatile bedroom solutions, with multi-use designs underneath the bed's platform which is used for storage. Ultimately, mid sleeper beds come in a wide range of designs, formations and sleek features so there’s a perfect bed out there for every child.  There is no one size fits all approach, there are hundreds of different designs and formations to make sure that you can find the perfect solution for any shaped room or child’s interest. With mid sleeper beds it's important to think outside the box and find a design you know they will love but it’s important to consider their age and the duration of the bed when you’re picking out a style.  Are mid sleepers suitable for toddlers? Mid sleeper beds are the ultimate bed solution for adventurous toddlers. Toddlers will get endless amounts of fun out of a mid sleeper bed, especially if it incorporated a theme they love. Many toddlers like to make dens and play with tents, slides and tunnels, for which the mid sleeper bed is the perfect addition. We have a range of mid sleeper beds...

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How to guide: Update your kid’s bedroom for winter Read More

How to guide: Update your kid’s bedroom for winter

As the nights start to get shorter, the clocks change and we’re looking forwards to getting cosy on an evening instead of enjoying time in the garden, it is time to think about making your kids’ bedroom for winter. There are many ways you can make your kids beds winter-ready and give them the perfect place to enjoy heading to bed and relaxing during their free time.  Here are our top tips to make a snug and cosy bedroom perfect for your little one this winter.   Make a snug area The winter is all about getting cosy at home. Create a cosy area your child can enjoy and call their own space. A snug under high sleeper is the perfect space to make a cosy area and update your kid’s bedroom for winter. Other ideas may include adding a chair with comfy throws and pillows to a bedroom, this might even be a sofa chair under a high sleeper to really maximise floor space in your kid's bedroom.        Get a winter duvet A winter duvet can make such a difference to ensure that your kids remain warm and don’t stir during the night. A summer tog rating on their duvet could be...

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Teenage bedroom ideas Read More

Teenage bedroom ideas

Teenage bedrooms can often be difficult to style and work out how to make practical use of the space available. Transitioning from childhood bedrooms to something that they can use and enjoy is a difficult decision and not something that can be taken likely. Here’s our guide to teenage bedroom ideas for both boys and girls.    Day bed chic Day beds aren’t simply reserved for guest beds, they often make a great addition to a teenage bedroom. The design of a day bed looks more mature than a simple single bed in their bedrooms and helps to create a more grownup space. Day beds can look far from a bed if you style it right with luxurious cushions and throws. You can make it look warm and cosy with rich tones and range of soft throws ready for you to cuddle up on or you can style it up with light and bright linens to give it a soft and airy feel.    Plus, a day bed provides lots of additional seating when your teenager invites their friends around and keeps them out of your living room. A few simple changes can completely change the look of the daybed and the atmosphere it...

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Mid sleeper beds are the perfect kids bed Read More

Mid sleeper beds are the perfect kids bed

The mid sleeper bed is often considered to be the perfect in-between: the ideal way to let your child personalise their bedroom and make it their own, and also be a balance parents are comfortable with.  As parents, the thing we often love most about the mid-sleeper is the endless amount of space options that come with them. You can find mid sleepers beds with built-in pull out desks, bookshelves and drawers, all fitted underneath for you and your young ones to utilise the full space available in their bedroom. Sitting at just the right height to allow plenty of storage or room for play underneath, our mid sleepers and cabin bed range are jam-packed with loads of exciting features, our kids’ mid sleeper bed collection makes the perfect combination of sleep and play.    Endless variations The mid sleeper bed ranges at Kids Beds Online offer endless styles, colours and design options, including cleverly designed cabin beds with pull out desks, tents and play areas for extra fun for your little one. There are mid sleeper beds to suit all age ranges, from teenagers to young children.  Teens might prefer a pullout desk and plenty of storage whereas younger children might benefit from...

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Theme bedroom ideas: most popular Read More

Theme bedroom ideas: most popular

Finding the perfect bed for your child’s bedroom can be difficult. When interested can change so frequently, know what is and isn’t a good sleep solution can often be complicated. At Kids Beds Onlne we’ve brought together some of our favourite theme bedroom ideas for kids to try and make your decision process that little bit easier.    Boy bedroom takeover As the focal point of any bedroom, it is important to pick a bed that works with the room as a whole. For younger boys, they may love a feature bed such as a race car to channel their inner racer, a London double-decker bus to drive the streets or a bunk bed with a fun combination of space underneath and allow plenty of room for you to completely transform their own space.   Primary School Age Child For many primary school-aged children a cabin bed is a great investment as it is so versatile to a child’s needs. They provide plenty of storage for toys and games but can also incorporate functional working areas such as desks, perfect for when they need to get their homework done or get a craft activity done in peace. Cabin beds often come with these incorporated into...

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Ultimate kids bed: Gaming beds and desks Read More

Ultimate kids bed: Gaming beds and desks

We have some great gaming beds that allow space to fit your screens to create the ultimate gaming bedroom. Perfect for the dedicated gamers; some of our high beds have space for more than one screen for the full visual experience or maybe a high bed with screen space underneath and a cosy sofa chair to settle into while you link up and play with friends. The concept of gaming beds are new to the market, but provide the perfect bedroom hybrid for any budding gamer or enthusiast.    Benefits of gaming beds and desks One of the biggest benefits of gaming beds and desks is that it significantly reduced the amount of floor space required to have both. High sleepers provide maximum storage solutions and usable space that can be changed and adapted as your child grows up. A high sleeper gaming bed offers more usable space underneath the bed for older children in comparison to mid sleepers as they can often include desks that are highly flexible and versatile spaces as and when your child becomes more independent.    How do gaming beds and desks work? Gaming beds and desks allow you to combine both bedroom essentials into one compact solution and avoid...

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Thuka beds Vs Stompa beds Read More

Thuka beds Vs Stompa beds

We often get asked how to decide between some of our most popular brands of kids beds and honestly we understand just how difficult that is. Deciding between a Thuka bed and a Stompa bed is difficult when both brands offer so much in terms of kids beds and the options they can provide to any bedroom.    Stompa kids beds Stompa has been manufacturing kids beds since 1960, so with a wealth of industry experience and knowledge that they put into each and every bed they create, developing bedroom furniture that includes bunk beds, high sleepers, mid sleepers, single beds and cabin beds to create the ultimate luxury kids bedroom.  They have a wide range of designs and solutions to work for almost any bedroom set up, aiming to make small rooms larger and to offer children’s beds and furniture with unique features.      Thuka beds Thuka is a Danish company with all of its beds produced from the finest Scandinavian Pine which is sourced from sustainable forests. Each bed is treated with either a lacquer or whitewash finish to provide 2 sleek and durable styles of kids beds.  Thuka are renowned for producing stylish bedroom furniture for any age child and pride itself on providing...

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