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How to keep your kids room tidy Read More

How to keep your kids room tidy

We all know that keeping your child’s bedroom tidy can be difficult, especially if they’re pulling everything out to play with. However, we’ve put together some of our top tips to help keep their rooms tidy. Storage beds  A storage bed is a great investment especially if floorspace is a little bit of a squeeze. Whether it has deep spacious under bed draws or inbuilt shelving, there are a wide range of storage beds that work for any bedroom. You can help to keep your kids bedrooms tidy and maximise the space available for them to play. Plus, they keep the overall design and look of the bedroom fresh and clean.  The Parisot sleep storage daybed has 2 deep drawers that are great for storage and the inbuilt back shelving allows your child to display their treasures and keep them close at hand. Create a chores bowl  A chores bowl is as simple as it sounds. Write a bunch of chores that need to be done in their bedroom and they pick out a few nights a week and have to complete it before they go to bed.  These could range from making sure all clothes are picked up and put away to putting all...

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5 top tips to get your kids in bed on time Read More

5 top tips to get your kids in bed on time

Getting your kids to sleep on time can often be a difficult task especially if they are filled with energy after an exciting day. What works for one family might not work for another, but we know that it is important to share ideas so we’ve gathered together 5 top tips from parents that help get their kids in bed on time. We’ve definitely got something new for you to try!  Create a bedroom they love If your children have a space that they love then they will want to spend more time in it. It can often be worth revamping their bedrooms, whether that with a lick of paint in their favourite colour, new bed or bedding so that they want to spend time there.  Let your kids get involved in the process of selecting new items as this really helps them feel a sense of pride and ownership in their bedroom. A few new or revamped items in their bedroom can make a huge difference. Get into a consistent routine Creating a routine is important. Plan out a schedule of what needs to be done each night and how long each step takes to complete. Then work backwards from their bedtime...

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30% OFF SALE On Selected Childrens Beds Read More

30% OFF SALE On Selected Childrens Beds

Parisot Tam Tam White Bunk Bed One of Parisots most popular bunk beds, the Tam Tam Bunk Bed was an immediate hit from being launched and is still as popular a few years later.   Their bed structures are very heavy and extremely robust, made from high density particle board which is heat sealed and foil wrapped to produce a hard wearing and wipeable surface. The Tam Tam is finished in a clean white with reversible back panels for the back of the shelves, one side is pink and the other side is blue so you can mix and match as you choose.

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