Boys bedroom decor ideas

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You want to create a bedroom your son will love but we know that coming up with ideas can be difficult. You don’t want to spend the next 5 years arguing over designs so it is important to come up with a style and colour scheme that you both agree on. It doesn’t have to be football themed or dark and scary, we’ve got lots of design ideas you’ll both love. 

Be Age-Appropriate

When designing a bedroom it’s important to think about the age of your child now and their age in 5 years time. Maybe you’ve got an 8 year old now but in 5 years time he’ll be a teenager who’s tastes will change a lot. 

Choose a few fun pieces but make sure it is in keeping with the rest of your home. 

Choose a Cool Bed

As the focal point of any bedroom it is important to pick a bed that works with the room as a whole. For younger boys they may love a feature bed such as a race car to channel their inner racer or a bunk bed with a fun combination of space underneath. Older boys may prefer a daybed to relax on rather than a standard single bed. 

Pick a theme and let the bed and the bedding do the talking in the room. 

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Put It On a Platform

A platform bed with drawers is a genius way to add extra storage. It’s the perfect way to add in additional storage for toys, clothing and shoes if you’re lacking in wardrobe or draw space. To get even more storage space you can incorporate a space saving space bed into the platform design to double the storage. 

Let your kids get Involved

Rather than looking at the decorating process as a stressful thing, see it as an opportunity to bond and encourage them to get involved. This way, their personality and passions can really shine through and they’ll love spending time there. 

You never know, your kids might have some really cool ideas that they can share with you.

Add a bunk bed to get more space

Whether you kids share a bedroom, or just have frequent friends to stay, consider investing in bunk beds rather than twin beds. They will take up a lot less space so their bedroom will seem more spacious and offer a more flexible solution. Bunk Beds provide a lot more space for your little ones to have adventures with their toys on the floor, which is essential if you don’t have enough space in your living areas for all of the toys. 

Have you got any great design tips for boys bedrooms, let us know your ideas or end results on our social media channels. We know the possibilities are endless! 

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