There’s more to bunk beds than space saving

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Bunk beds are making a massive comeback and kids love them every bit as much as adults. The popularity of bunk beds is on the rise as we all realise there’s more to bunk beds than simply a space saving solution. Yes they are great at providing additional floorspace in kids bedrooms freeing up space for desks and storage solutions but there’s so many more benefits that you might not have thought about yet. 

Bring out your child’s creativity

Bunk beds are fun. The additional vertical space allows kids to spark their imagination and turn the beds into pirate ships, castles, alien spaceships and a whole lot more. We even have the ultimate campervan bunk bed available which really will bring out their playful side. Bunk beds provide kids with their own place to play, use their imagination and most importantly sleep. 

Kids often love the idea of sleeping on the top bunk too as it is exciting!

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There are so many design and layout solutions with a bunk bed. Whether you’re wanting 2 beds, space for wardrobes, desks, seating area or a pullout third bed, there are so many space saving solutions available. 

If you’re looking for a bunk bed for the long term then it may be worth considering if the bunk beds pull into 2 separate beds if your kids no longer want to sleep high off the floor. Bunk beds really do provide the ultimate bedroom solution with complete flexibility.

Money saving 

With bunk beds there’s often no hidden expenses for headboards and extra fittings. Typically everything you need is included in the cost of the bed as they provide an all in one solution. Plus, bunk beds may mean that you don’t need to extend or move house as you can sleep an extra person without needing additional space. 

Even if you’re looking at bunk beds for a holiday let or country house, you can create additional space to sleep without needing the extra space.

Perfect for sleepovers

Bunk beds are the ideal solution for when your child has a sleepover. If your kids have friends over to sleep, you have plenty of space for them to sleep rather than on the floor or on a blow up mattress. Both children will be able to sleep comfortably and peacefully without getting a disrupted night’s sleep, well that’s if they get any sleep at all! 

Choosing the right bed for your child can be difficult but take your time and research the perfect bunk bed. There are so many solutions out there but it is important to choose something that is practical, futureproof and where possible fun. Whether you are searching for a new bed for your son or daughter there are many stylish bunk bed options for you to choose from on our website.

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