Bunk beds for shared bedrooms

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At Kids Beds Online we have a brilliant range of bunk beds and high sleepers that are perfect for children through to teenagers in shared bedrooms. With sleek designs that can adapt as your child grows and practical solutions that can be used for a wide range of hobbies and interests. With modern desk spaces for homework, crafts and space for computing, the beds are versatile to suit a child with a wide range of interests. You can be sure that one of our bunk beds or high sleepers provides the ideal solution for any shared bedrooms.

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Create Versatility

Bunkbeds are very flexible in design and functionality but it is also important to consider add ons and additional options when purchasing a bunk bed. A built-in trundle draw under the bunk bed is the perfect solution if you need the flexibility of an additional 3rd bed to sleep family and friends. 

It’s the perfect solution for when your kids have friends over to stay or you offer to look after your nieces and nephews for the weekend rather than them sleeping on the floor or on a blow-up mattress. Your kids will be able to sleep comfortably and peacefully without getting a disrupted night’s sleep, well that’s if they get any sleep at all! 


Sleepover goals 

A shared bedroom doesn’t have to be shared all of the time. A bunk bed allows you to give your kids the ultimate sleepover bed. Whether it’s a high sleeper with a sofa that transforms into a bed, bunk bed with a pull out third bed or a daybed with extra space, you can give your kids the ultimate sleepover space in 2022 that they can enjoy with friends, siblings and cousins for years to come. 

At Kiids Beds Online all of our pull out beds are able to neatly stored away meaning that they won’t take up any extra space when you don’t have people over to stay. 

There are so many bedroom and bed options now for 2022 that you can always find the perfect bed for your children. If you need any help finding the perfect gift of sleep this year then please contact your helpful team of bed specialists to help you on your way.


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Safety first

Many kids bed brands offer a clever building system that gives you total flexibility as your child grows, meaning you can begin with a starter bed or single bed and then by using a clever extension kit, you can raise your existing bed frame to a cabin bed, bunk bed or high sleeper bed if you decide to transition to a bunk bed as your kids age. This means the safety of your child can always be put first no matter what their age. 

All of our brands have an incredibly rigorous safety procedure in place and guarantee that all of their products have been manufactured to current safety standards for domestic use and comply with all current EU entrapment and safety standards. Depending on the style and practicalities of each bed they also have additional safety features such as additional safety rail means to ensure every child is safe when climbing to the top bunk wherever appropriate. 


Bunkbeds are fun and functional for your kid’s bedroom. As kids, we all wanted bunk beds in our bedroom as we saw them as a fun way to sleep and your kids think exactly the same. 

The modern bunk bed is no longer a simple metal frame with 2 mattresses and a ladder. Modern bunk bed designs incorporate style, imagination and storage to maximise floor space and make your kids bedrooms fun. Think sleek modern lines and luxurious modern wood. 

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