2022 kids bedroom trends

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As we welcome in 2022, it is often a time to consider developing and improving our homes and updating what we already have. As kids continue to grow and change their interests every year, your kid’s bedroom is often the one place that needs updating more than the rest of your home. However, kids bedroom trends change every few years or so.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular kids bedroom trends for 2022 and beyond. Get ahead of everyone else and save yourself the effort of redecorating and updating in future years. 




Many of us have big plans to transform our homes into a

 space we all love yet is highly practical and versatile. Space-saving furniture is essential to get maximum usable space and storage options, especially in 2022. As we may be spending more time at home this year than we previously expected (Covid rules depending) it is important to create a space that your child can comfortably incorporate into your bedroom. Get plenty of usable space in your child’s bedroom so they are ready for whatever may be thrown in our direction this year. 

A place where they can relax, get school work completed and enjoy their hobbies in their own space is incredibly important for all kids in 2022 and a space-saving bed is often the easiest solution to resolve this and incorporate some of the most popular kids bedroom trends of the year. 


Pastel perfection 

Whether it’s the perfect girly pink or natural green hues, pastels are perfect for any child’s bedroom. You can incorporate any shade into your pastel colour scheme and too often they can be gender-neutral so perfect for a shared bedroom. Pastels were popular in 2021 but will be even more of a design success this year. 

Plus, pastels are incredibly versatile and will allow you to update your child’s bedroom as and when necessary through a change of bedding and other soft furnishings rather than the key bedroom staples. Pastels are potentially the most popular kids bedroom trends of 2022 as we currently look forwards. 


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Peace and quiet 

A calming atmosphere and a space where children can relax independently is as important for you as it is for your child. A restful space keeps your child from getting wound up and distracted before bedtime, allowing them to focus on drifting off to the land of nod as easily as possible.  

Having a place in their home where they feel that they can be themselves is incredibly important as we as parents often underestimate the levels of stress and anxiety children can have on their shoulders. As the importance of mental health becomes more and more important to society, creating a place where they can relax, whether on a sofa bed, in their secret under-bed hiding area or simply just on their bed is incredibly important to children. Having their own space no matter how small makes a big difference to their overall well-being. 


Do you have any more kids bedroom trends for 2022 you think will be as popular? Then please get in touch to share these with us, we’d love to hear them!

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