Cheap and free days out with the kids this summer

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Running out of steam to keep the kids entertained? Struggling to keep on top of the finances? But don’t want your kids to miss out? We’ve got some low cost (or even free!) ideas to keep your kids entertained during the long school summer holidays. Let’s take a look:


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Visit the local library

Many of us will recall visiting the library regularly as a child and this is still something you can do with your own kids. Children can borrow and read a variety of books for free, and it’s also easy to search for books and reserve them to avoid disappointment.

Many libraries around the UK participate in the summer reading challenge, free classes for little ones and welcome new visitors with open arms. It encourages children to develop their love of reading, and what better way to teach them to wind down after a busy day at school than to get into bed with a book they enjoy and read until they are sleepy.



Free or discounted meals out

With the cost-of-living crisis putting a strain on families, several supermarkets, restaurant chains and even local independent cafes and restaurants are offering discounted meals with a full paying adult, or even sometimes without. This is a great way to treat your kids if they have completed their chores or have deserved a treat after their great behaviour during the school holidays without costing the earth.

Look online before your visit or give cafes and restaurants a quick call to see what they have on offer before you turn up to avoid disappointment.


Sleep outdoorsSimple summer holiday hacks

Whether you’re setting up camp in the back garden, travelling 5 miles away to the local camping hotspot or travelling across the country to pitch up, camping is a brilliant activity for all the family. Camping is a really affordable way  (and sometimes free) to take the kids away during the summer holidays as pitches are reasonably priced and you can take everything you need with you.

If you don’t have a tent, look at hiring a glamping pod or borrowing a tent from a friend for the weekend. One thing is for sure though, you and your kids will cherish your beds when you get home after sleeping on the hard floor or lump travel mattresses. Summer holiday fun isn’t always comfy!


 When you need a break

Take advantage of grandparents, siblings or friends close by when you really need a break. Often when. parents have retired (or don’t have work commitments) or family and friends work shifts, see if they will help ease the childcare load (plus, it will be free childcare). It doesn’t have to be for a long time just a couple of hours where you can reset your batteries, enjoy some peace and quiet at home or get a few jobs done that you are struggling to complete with the kids around.

Spending time with grandparents is good for children and grandparents alike and they again don’t have to do anything that costs a lot of money. Plus, kids often look back at the memories they have with grandparents and cherish them as they truly do spoil them with love and attention.

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