Make sleep your new year’s resolution for 2022

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With 2022 almost here, it’s time to focus on what resolutions we can make to help improve ourselves as parents and also the lives of our children and grandchildren. One thing that often does not take priority and often should is the importance of sleep in our everyday lives.  

Maybe it’s time to consider buying your kids practical and fun gifts that they will love all year round. Have you thought about transforming their bedroom into a space they love to spend time in? Creating the ultimate boys hideaway for after school? Building the chillout space they can enjoy with friends? Giving them a bed they’ve always wanted can be the ultimate way to make them smile with glee in 2022. 


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Girly makeover

Transform your little girl’s bedroom and give her a 2022 she will never forget with a brand new bed fit for a princess. Whether it’s a raised up mid or high sleeper to make her feel like she is the Queen of the castle or a playhouse framed bed that feels like the ultimate bedroom hideaway, there are so many options to create the ultimate princess palace this year. There’s a brand new bed out there that every little girl will love to wake up with every morning in the new year! 


Boys ultimate crib

Create the ultimate boy’s bedroom by finding a bed that matches their interests and hobbies. Whether they love race cars, buses, space or sports you can find a bed that suits their personality. Plus, you can also be clever and find a bed that also offers plenty of storage so you can neatly put away all of their Christmas and birthday gifts this year without a big mess on their bedroom floor in 2022. 

Your little boy will be amazed by their new bed and want to spend so much time in their brand new bed that bedtime will become the easiest part of the day!



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Sleepover goals 

Give your kids the ultimate sleepover bed as we ease out of Covid lockdowns and restrictions again and we can enjoy spending more time together. Whether it’s a high sleeper with a sofa that transforms into a bed, bunk bed with a pull out third bed or a daybed with extra space, you can give your kids the ultimate sleepover space in 2022 that they can enjoy with friends, siblings and cousins for years to come. 

At kids Beds Online all of our pull out beds are able to neatly store away meaning that they won’t take up any extra space when you don’t have people over to stay. 

There are so many bedroom and bed options now for 2022 that you can always find the perfect bed for your child. If you need any help finding the perfect gift this year then please contact your helpful team of bed specialists to help you on your way.

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