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Spring into storage solutions

Stood at the school gate, kids football club or gymnastics centre with parents, carers and grandparents galore, they will tell you thsat bedroom storage is an absolute essential for a child now. At Kids Beds Online one of our most common requests is to find and stock beds with built in storage that provides plenty of additional hideaways for any child’s bedroom. It’s not just about finding additional storage though, many parents want storage solutions that incorporate stylish designs and can often hide away toys and clothes where possible. With a room brimming with toys and entertainment, it is important to have somewhere where everything can be stored neatly and accessed safely. One of the easiest options is to choose beds with built in storage such as a mid sleeper or high sleeper bed, as it doesn’t take up any more floor space but provides you with much-needed storage.

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Beds with built-in storage: Go for quality

A bed is an investment piece for any child so it is important to invest in a good quality bed that is versatile to the needs of your bedroom. Beds take a lot of hammering from children, whether they’re jumping on them, playing on them or climbing onto them it is important to buy a bed that will last the test of time. At Kids Beds Online all of our beds are made using the highest quality material and are where possible kid-proof. All beds with built in storage are designed to be substantial, practical and also safe for your children.

Raise the storage space

A mid sleeper cabin bed makes the most excellent space saver, providing a fun and functional furniture option your kids will love.Mid sleeper beds offer multifunctional solutions that can be changed and adapted as your child grows up. You can shop for beds based on the other additional features you need in your child’s bedroom, such as beds that include shelving, storage boxes, pull out draws and much much more.


Mid sleepers that incorporate essential storage and furniture reduce the need for additional furniture in your kids bedrooms. Meaning you can optimise how your kids use their room and incorporate more functional space whatever that need may be.


High sleeper storage space 

beds with built in storageWith so much space underneath high sleeper beds can have anything from desks and wardrobes to sofa and pull out beds as additional features. There’s a lot of versatility with high sleepers which allows you to incorporate a lot of essential furniture and storage solutions without impacting on vital floor space.


High sleepers allow you to neatly store away any additional storage requirements meaning that they won’t take up any extra space and provide that much needed additional space. High beds provide the ultimate beds with built in storage solutions for every kids bedroom.



Choosing the right bed for your child can be difficult but take your time and research the perfect single bed. There are so many solutions out there but it is important to choose something that is practical, futureproof and where possible fun. Whether you are searching for a new bed for your son or daughter there are many stylish options for you to choose from on our website.