Successful Spring and Summer sleeping schedules

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Spring is well and truly here now and we all know that getting to sleep in the summer can be a struggle for the best of us, never mind what it is like for your little one when they do not understand the change in the clocks. If your kids are out all day exploring and playing in the warmer weather it is incredibly important that they get the right amount of shut-eye to be able to enjoy the next day just as much. There’s only so much of the garden or park they can adventure in if they are tired!

We’ve got a wide range of sleep tips to help you find the perfect technique to keep your little ones calm and comfortable in the heat and throughout the summer months.



Routine is key

Keep your kids in a routine throughout the light nights and weekends to help them enjoy the most of the great weather and extra outdoor playtime they get when the sun is shining.

If possible try to set an alarm for the same time they get up for school (give or take an hour) this means that they remain in a consistent routine even when they are enjoying their downtime. Plus, getting up early still means that they will be eager to get in bed on an even to allow you some relaxing time.


Pick a bed they will love

The next thing to consider is their quality of sleep and a dreamy sleep really should start with the bed. You can even let your child get involved in the picking process as this will really help to encourage them to get into bed. There are lots of different styles they can choose from, from toddler beds to theme beds, mid sleepers to bunk beds, so there will definitely be a design that will suit both you and them. Also, make sure you buy a good quality mattress, that not only supports their growing bones but is comfortable. Choose through our wide range to find the perfect bed.


Keep things cool

There are a lot of things you can do to keep your kids bedroom cool in the spring and summer. The first idea is to keep it cool and dark during the day, by ensuring all blinds are pulled and the day light is kept out. This will stop the rays from hitting your kids’ bedroom, but to maximise this you can also keep the blinds open behind the window to ensure air is able to successfully circulate in the room.

Plus, remember that your child or baby being irritable at night might not just be because of the heat, it might also be down to dehydration built up throughout the spring and summer days. Make sure your little one drinks plenty of water during the day and they may want a drink of water at the night too. This could even be sugar free dilute juice or ice lollies made from juice to keep their fluid levels up.

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Make things comfy

A comfortable and versatile bedroom is a must for a restless child. Create a space where they can relax after a long day in the spring sun, whether that’s under their bed in a play space, relaxing on the sofa as part of a high sleeper bed or watching some TV as they recline back on. their bunk bed. If your child enjoys their overall bedroom set up they are more like to get off to sleep quicker and get a high quality night’s sleep.

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