Summer holiday bedroom makeover

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The summer holidays are the perfect time to makeover your kids’ bedrooms. The light nights and warmer weather make everything a lot easier to manage and give you plenty of working hours to get things done. Plus, the summer holidays are the perfect time to allow your kids to get involved in making over their bedroom and take on some of the hard work too. 

Get planning 

The school holidays are the perfect opportunity to see what works well in their bedroom and what could be developed or incorporated. As they are spending more time than ever at home and in their bedroom, you can see exactly what they use and what is taking up vital space and storage. 

Your kids might also have some great ideas that they’ve seen when they’ve been at friends houses that you might not have thought about and would be perfect in their bedroom.  Your summer holiday bedroom makeover will be complete in no time at all with plenty planning.

Let them help decorate 

Yes, it might make a little bit more mess than if you were doing it yourself but just make sure you are prepared. Lay down plenty of plastic sheeting and tape off any paintwork or edging you want to avoid. It might be simpler to let them paint larger sections of wall and do the cutting in yourself. Put on the radio and let them get involved, they’ll love being part of their bedroom makeover!

Invest in quality essentials 

If you get the basics right everything else will fit in perfectly. From the wardrobe to the bed, it is important that you pick something that will last and can quite possibly be passed down to younger siblings as one child grows out of their needs. 

At Kids Beds Online we only invest in high quality beds made from solid pine and other hardwearing materials so you know you are buying high quality furniture. 

Get creative

Let your kids make their own artwork. Get out in the garden and let your kids decorate their own canvases for their new bedroom. Paint, decorative accessories and canvases can be picked up fairly reasonably from craft and home stores, so let your kids put their own stamp on their brand new bedroom. They’ll absolutely love their bedroom makeover.

It’s also a perfect activity to keep them busy for a good 30 mins, maybe longer if you’re lucky! 

Plenty of storage

Anywhere in your home you’ll find storage essential but no more so than in your kids bedroom. With a room brimming with toys and entertainment it is important to have somewhere where everything can be stored neatly and accessed safely. One of the easiest options is to choose a bed with plenty of built in storage such as a mid sleeper bed, as it doesn’t take up any more floor space but provides you with much needed storage. 

Take on your kids bedroom makeover head on during the summer holidays and they’ll have the perfect space to relax after a long day at school come September. And we’re sure they’ll need it, especially if they’ve been off school since March due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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