What age does my child need a new bed?

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Sometimes it can feel like you blink and miss your child growing up. Time moves so fast that kids seem to shoot up in no time at all and as they continue to grow that also means that they need a new bed to support this. You can’t keep your teenager in their toddler bed forever! 

It isn’t straightforward to know when your child needs to move up to the next bed range, but we’ve put together some pointers for each age bracket to help. Just remember that what works for one child might not be the perfect solution for another. Use your parental senses as to when your child is ready for the next step. 


Toddlers typically switch from a cot to a bed at around the age of 2. Typically a simple single bed or shorty bed is a great option for a Toddler as it is lower to the ground, allowing for easier access on and off the bed. 

Safety is the most important factor for any toddler on a night, so as much as they might love their big brother or sister’s mid sleeper it isn’t necessarily the safest option for them. 

Early childhood

Once your child reaches primary school age it is worth considering a new bed for them. As much as they might love their current bed, there are often telltale signs that they are outgrowing their current bed. 

There’s a wide range of beds out there that will spark their interest and become a key feature of their bedroom. It may also be worth considering investing in a midsleeper with plenty of storage to keep their bedroom in order. There are so many mid sleeper options out there to suit every kids bedroom. 

Older kids

Once your kids are a little bit older and can safely sleep in their beds without falling out or injuring themselves, it is often a great time to invest in something a little higher. High Sleepers or bunk beds are often a great solution as they provide you with a lot of additional practical space as well as a comfy place to sleep on a night. 

There are so many combination possibilities such as desks, sofas, wardrobes, draws and play areas that there is a high sleeper out there for every kids bedroom. Just take some time to work out what additional features your child could do with in their bedroom. 


The teenage years aren’t quite as straight forwards, it is important to consider their needs and what works well for their lifestyle. Maybe they could really do with a high sleeper with a desk underneath for their homework or a spare bed for their weekly sleepovers. 

Take the time to talk to your teen and see what they really want in their bedroom. That way you know you are investing in a new bed that they like and enjoy. 



At Kids Beds Online we understand the need for a comfy and safe space for your child at any age. Children spend a lot of time in their beds, whatever their age, so it is important to get their space perfect. Help them to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day with the perfect bed for their needs.

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